Written by Bokvirsports

03 Mar 2017

Can you please explain that.....again?

If i heard it once, i must have heard it a hundred times. How does it work for us, you ask? Let me tell you...

We been married for about 3 years now, both being divorced before. And so we are used to our freedom, and our commitment towards one another. A little over a year ago the wife comes back from a six week deployment, very happy to see each other again, we fuck like mad bunnies. Afterwards we sit and talk about everything that happened while she was away. We end up on the topic of having sex with a stranger, but someone that can become a friend.... sounds weird? Hang on it gets weirder...

We end up planning to get a girl, for my wife, so that they can play.... and i can watch. That still has not happened...

Fast forward two months... We get invited to a simple house party, and suddenly the wife says to me she wants to fuck the guy. Wow, ok I said. And so it began, my wife got her a boyfriend. Me, still looking at this stage.

Again fast forward about a month or so. We invite some friends over for a braai and have a big party. I am chatting to this one girl, and really like her conversation and company. As the party wears on, people start to leave, except this girl. We end up chatting the night away, with the wife also part of the conversation now. Having known the girl for a while before the party we are very casual with one another and the wife also enjoys her company.

Suddenly the wife turn to the girl and says... "I think you will make a nice girlfriend for my husband". Wow, I didnt know what to say, or do.... and neither did the girl. Needless to say, she was gone in about 5 minutes.

A few weeks after the party, the girl phones the wife, she wants to come over for a cup of coffee. Yeah ok... she came over for a drink. We all sat down and had a long talk about this whole girlfriend, boyfriend story. To cut it short, we now have a boyfriend and a girlfriend in our lives. But wait, the best is still to come...

The wife enjoys time spent with the boyfriend. Yes, they also have their arguements, just like myself and the girlfriend. They also spend time alone, like myself and the girlfriend. But the best of all, we are all good friends now. Now comes the tricky part...

As a married couple we have a great friendship, and a great sexlife. The wife and her boyfriend, who knows, its their private matter. As for me and the girlfriend, that is our private matter. Its actually called polyamory. We started off in one direction and ended up in a complete other direction, but it works for us, and that is what counts.

As a married guy, with a girlfriend, we also found the need to expand our horizons. And thats why we are very active users on this site. The girlfriend already found a guy she relates to on the site, and we had a few couples as well. Oh and the 3some with the other girl was so hot, they ended up making out while I was watching.

In the last year or so, a lot has happened in our lives. We changed our outlook on life, we even changed our view of what it takes to make things work. Even thou a lot of people find it weird, we find that keeping ourselves happy keeps our marriage happy. And that keeps us happy again in return.

Do you think its a weird situation?