Written by Gattino

13 Sep 2016

Still in the nightie I had worn just for show, but with the panties long gone, I lay in the huge fourposterbed, staring at the dark ceiling, listening for the faintest creak of a floor board or the soft sound of a bare foot in the hallway outside. My pussy tingled under the covers in anticipation of him coming to me, sneaking into my room to make love to me. What if he had fallen asleep? I didn't even want to contemplate that. I needed release and prayed it would be him to give it to my and not my own fingers.

A slight creak brought me back from my thoughts and I watched as the door to the room slowly opened. Even in the darkness I could make out his tall outline framed in the doorway. Instantly, my nipples became hard and my pussy grew damp between my legs.

I watched the dark shadow move across the room towards my bed and almost stopped breathing in anticipation. The scent of his aftershave caught in my nostrils and I heard the rustle of clothing being removed. I pictured him naked in the darkness and it aroused me even further. An unseen hand pulled back the covers and naked, he slipped into the bed beside me.

Almost at once, his mouth was on mine, kissing me passionately...his breathing deep and excited. I felt a hand slide up under my nightie and onto my breast. The touch of his fingers on my hard erect nipple sent waves of excitement straight down between my legs...

“Mmmm....” I moaned into his lips as we kissed. He moved down next to my ear, placing light kisses down my neck.

I felt his lips...softly trailing down over my breasts. His hands moved down , pulling my nightie up. I raised my arms up as he slid it off up over my head.

It sent a shiver right through me as his chest touched mine. The hairs on his chest lightly brushing over my nipples , making them harder, more aroused.

Knowing she was in the next room , trying to be ever so quiet , just added to the excitement of it all...a grown man and woman, that right now at this moment felt like teenagers , trying to sneak in release... filled with lust and passion....

I felt him slide down between my legs, parting them wide with his hands. I waited with agonising anticipation for the first touch of his tongue on my now sopping wet pussy. Breathing heavily, almost panting, I waited, wanting him to make my pussy cum so much.

That first touch with the tip of his tongue on my clit sent a wave of pleasure right through me...I moaned softly into the darkness.

I placed my hands on the back of his head as his eager tongue began licking at my opening... lapping up the wetness trapped between my lips .Over and over he flicked his tongue over my clit, making me shudder beneath him. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me as his tongue brought me to orgasm after orgasm. My hands grasped at the posts and my whole body shuddered as I climaxed...my cries muffled as I fought to keep quiet in the darkened room.

His face moved up and we kissed again. I could taste myself on his lips..smell my pussy on him, turning me on even more. Reaching down I let my fingers trace lightly over his hard, now throbbing cock, His balls felt nice and full and ready for release.

I knew how much it had turned him on that he’d made my cum. Whispering in his ear, I told him he’d made me so hot and aroused for so long and that I needed him to fill me...

Wanting him inside me now, but knowing that the bed we were in was far too squeaky and noisy, I took him by the hand. “ Come on , lets move onto the floor “ I whispered.

As I laid back, he placed a pillow behind my head and a second one under my rear.

Moving between my legs, the head of his cock pressed to my opening, I pulled him towards me .Our bodies joined together...our lips touching. A moaning breath passed between both our mouths.

“I want you “ I whispered in his ear .

No sooner had I uttered the words... my pussy was stretched open painfully as his huge hard throbbing cock forced its way inside me. I cried out, partly in pain but mostly in pleasure as his swollen hard flesh filled me completely. My feet dug into the floor and I pulled my hips up to meet his urgent thrusts, forcing him deep, wanting every inch inside me... Desperate to cum, he rammed himself between my legs...driving his hard swollen cock into my moist warm opening. His only thought, to feel himself explode deep inside me. With one momentous thrust he froze, paralysed and numb, trying not to cry out as his cock delivered its warm creamy load into the depths of my pussy.

“Fuck!” I hissed into the darkness, the feel of him cumming inside me sending me over the edge again, my legs either side of him jerking uncontrollably.

As soon as his softened cock slipped from my pussy, he helped me back up onto the fourposterbed. He kissed me on the mouth, long and hard and then quietly slipped back out the door...I hear their bedroom door close softly....everything is quiet now....

Satisfied, now I could sleep... smiling to myself in the darkness, a little stream of cum trickling from my pussy.