Written by Mason2016

10 May 2016

This happened a while back and honestly speaking I am waiting for the chance to have some serious alone time with my sister in law who also happens to be my cousin that is married to wife’s brother. We have a history, my cousin and I and started a long time ago while still in school but our parents were totally against us being together.

Long story short, a few years ago, my wife’s brother spent time with us and was with his wife (my cousin) who is slim and got a sexy ass and a nice body. Anyways, this was what I thought to be a once off fluke, her husband was in the bathroom and my wife was away at work, only the cleaner and our mother in law was in the house. Just so happen that the cleaner and mother in law were up stairs and my cousin and I were in the kitchen. Just wearing a track pants for sleeping I was in the kitchen for breakfast and she happened to be there as well.

She brushed her hand over my crotch and smiled, I stopped her and pulled her hand back, and she smiled as she dropped my pants past my semi hard cock and then leaned into it and started sucking. Hmmm, that felt so good that I started to fucking my now stiffening cock slowly into her mouth deeper. Dam, she was slurping me up and smiling and really working it, when we both heard someone coming down the stairs and she stopped sucking and went into the lounge and I just pulled my pants up and walked out just as the cleaner walked into the kitchen. Dam that was a close call.

A couple of years later, they were back, only this time they brought my mother in laws cousin with and the two old ladies were in the lounge watching TV and well my brother in law, was at the hospital due to some complications and again my wife was away at work. Being a nice sunny afternoon, my cousin was in the lounge with the two old ladies and I was outside in the back yard. So, I texted her to come to the guest bedroom where she slept and once she was there, I spoke to her through the window and asked if any of the old ladies knew she was in the room. When she said, No they don’t even know where she went, I smiled and told her to wait there as I walked back into the house. I entered the room which also leads to the garage and I closed and locked the door. I walked up to her and we started kissing and feeling each other and then I dropped my pants to my ankles and lifted my top up and was sporting a semi hard cock as I lay back on the bed. Immediately she was on her knees between my legs working my cock with her mouth getting me all rock hard. She stopped after a minute and I was stiff like a steel pole with my tip dripping pre-cum as she dropped her pants and climbed on top of me.

I was already so horny and so was she as I could see her juices start to flow, she held my cock in her hand as she lowered that wet pussy and she moaned as just the tip entered her tight wet pussy. She could not take more and as she tried to go lower, she clenched her pussy tight around my tip as I felt her orgasm all over my cock and as she pulled up to get off I shot my load, all her pussy outer lips. Fuck that was awesome to finally get to feel her pussy, she just cleaned her self and ran to the bathroom and I did the same and went to my room. We have been thinking about that ever since and now we both just waiting to be alone for at least an hour or two so we could finish what we started as she wants to take me all the way in and feel me explode inside her.

The End.

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