05 May 2018

so we enjoyed the first time with sissy and about 2 weeks later wife asked me hey how is sissy ?

I was like huh you asking ? then I put my hands on her pussy and found it wet so asked her hey you bitch you missing him .

she said oh yesss.

so had no option but to arrange a new meet 7pm as usual .

we bathed shaved and off we went .

he was as smiling as always

went in and in no time she and him opened my pans and he started sucking me .

min later went In the room with my wife so she can put her sexy new short dress .

a d as usual no panty.

out of the room and sissy was so happy to see her more sexy .

we sucked and played a bit and was time to go in the room for the bed .

this time he laid on bed and his head was hangging from the edge and she went on his face playing with his little cock for the first time .

that is when I started to bang her while he was eating her pussy and licking my cock .

then I started to cum in flood .

while sissy was vacuum cleaning at the same time and yes .

wife was on top of the moon with joy .

finished and told her well let's go she said wait lol.

we relaxed and played little more chatted and then we kissed bye .

till next time hope you liked the really story .