15 Apr 2016

One evening home with my love after a few drinks and braai we were just chatting when I asked what his biggest fantasy is. At first he would not say and made excuses that at his age he is long past fantasies as it is just that.... fantasy. He was 50 at the time.

I started guessing while having my hand down his pants stroking his throbbing cock whispering in his ear... would you like to.... fuck me in ass .... tie me up?.... and on and on I guessed and was not going to let him off the hook until he would tell... eventually I asked ... a 3sum...? (For the first time he looked at me... pretending to be so shocked and surprised! I said - That's it! He blushed. Man or woman I added? He said woman.

I pulled my hand out pretending to be so angry... looked at him and said "seriously? I'm not enough for you". He begged to please forget about it. I walked up to him again, got down on my knees and gave him a bj he would never forget. Just before he could climax I took him by the hand, walked him to the bedroom and said he is going to pay for that! Poor man. While fucking that night I kept on asking for him to reveal the secrets of this fantasy. .. what should she look like, hair, long? Short? Boobs big or small?

Oh my god it was the hottest thing ever! The more I asked, the more he revealed the harder he got, the more intense and passionate we fucked. This lasted for 5 days and nights. We could not stop. Besides for a few trips to the fridge for some thing to eat the only break was fucking in the shower. That is when we joined this site to find a lady for him with the agreement that he would let me fuck him and another man too.

Our sex life was awesome and I loved to feel him all over and inside me daily. 13 years my senior he knew how to make me beg for more and more, over and over. My days starred with a rock hard cock and ended with him fucking me like never before or since.

Sadly we never got to live those dreams as he tragically passed away before we ever could.

I have hooked up with a few single men since he passed hoping to find a man that could fuck like my man and secondly a man open to play. What a dissapointment!

They are all so assured of their abilities and threats of being able to fuck for soooo long. What a joke. Firstly they don't know their way around a woman's body, don't know what the hell they are doing, where to put their hands, how to make a woman cum and premature ejaculation....OMG! Don't even wanna go there. Can't keep it together for a 60 second fuck. Can't even make up for the let down by getting it up for round 2. I'm disgusted and dissapointment. What is wrong with men? Guys if you can't fuck a woman properly please do us all a favour and go somewhere else. I was even thinking of adding a little coment on these profiles to save other ladies and couoles from enduring the same dissapointment. I guess there is a reason why they are in their 40''s, single and browsing sites like this.

One thing that I did pick up; if he can't kiss in a way that will make you tingle all over - he can't fuck!

From now on there is only one way into my panties ... too much tongue, not enough tongue, stiff lips, slimy wet sloppy kissing is the way not to get there!