Written by Kwandi_m

15 Oct 2014

My late aunt’s husband invited me to visit the family house after my aunt passed. He innocently indicated that since her passing, we seem to have neglected them. I promised to visit but every time something comes up and I can’t go. So one day I was driving pass his office and I decided let me just pop in, he was very happy to see me and gave me a tight hug, in fact he squeezed my body so tight and too close to his. I became very uncomfortable but didn’t say anything. Since the staff was almost leaving the office, he suggested that we go eat out or order something to be delivered, I said anything he decides it’s fine. We ate and we were chatting a lot. He told me that I’m a very good looking woman that every man would do anything to be with me. I said thanks though I could see from his eyes that he wants me. After a few minutes I told him I’m now leaving, we both stood up and he was coming closer to me and started kissing me, I did not resist, and we started kissing passionately so. In my mind I was wondering if I’m really doing this. He started taking off my blouse, my bra, kissing my hard big nipples, I didn’t know if I should hold his dick or not, he is my aunt’s hubby by the way and always looked up to him as an elder. As we got so heated, yes I started to play with his dick, it was so hard and very thick. I thought to myself “I want this cock inside my pussy”, he asked me if he should stop I said no. I took off his shirt, he’s got a nice body I must say. That room was getting hot, we were kissing and licking, took off my tight skirt and I was not wearing my panty, and that turned him on, unzip his trouser, I went down on my knees and sucked his cock, he was moaning like a goat, took off his trouser and underpant, carried me to the couch in the office, spread open my legs, licked my pussy, by now I was almost blown away. I turned around and gave him my big african bums and he licked my pussy from behind. I always carry condoms with me and I reached my bag to find them... My pussy was wet and I wanted his cock inside me, then slowly I felt his cock going inside my wet pussy. He said he always wanted to do this, telling me I have a nice pussy he can fuck me everyday, he fucked my pussy silly. Later I pushed him to the couch and sit on him, as I fucked he could not hold it and he screamed so loud as he cum, luckily it was just the two of us. We sat there looking at each others eyes and he said dammit this was great. To date we still fuck each other even though he has a girlfriend now and no one in the family knows about this. I suspect that his son once saw us kissing once cause he’s acting very strange towards me. That is the shortest version of what happened on that day.