Written by Graham_Elliot

02 Jul 2015

My wife is shy, not too happy with her body, not really into swinging, or even much sex for that matter...but we decided to give it a try. Give it a bang, so to speak. It was my fantasy to see her in a MMF threesome where I was able to pleasure and be pleasured by the guy while she participated as littkle or as much as she felt comfy.

So when we had a night to kill passing through Joburg, staying at a hotel near the airport, I thought the opportunity was too good to miss. After sounding her out about the ideas - I have to say she was very sceptical - I arranged for a youngish lad who'd advertised his services as M2M/Couples to join us in our hotel room late in the evening. After a good dinner and lots of wine, S and I made our way back to the room. I could sense she was apprehensive, but also curious, intrigued and a bit turned on...primarily I think at seeing me with a man!

About 20min after we got back to the room, and both of us showered and in bathrobes supplied by the hotel, there was a discreet knock on the door. S stayed seated in a chair while I let G in. We made small talk, poured a drink from the bar fridge (expensive!) and then I suggested we get started by G giving me and S a good back massage. I dropped my robe, but S lay on the bed and slipped hers over her shoulders demurely. G started on my shoulders but I indicated silently that he should move over to S. I saw her tense as he straddled her butt, but then some tension went out of her as he expertly started massaging her neck and shoulders. I gently ran my fingers thru my wife's hair and then lifted the gown to allow me to stroke her thighs. By this stage I'd not touched G, but suggested he reposition so I could get my hand to his cock. I felt S stiffen at my words, then her head turned slightly so she could see...but she could not see far enough and merely looked at me. I could see from her eyes she was excited, and gently helped G roll her on her back and opened her gown fully. S closed her eyes, but when G and I both started sucking on her boobs, quite large and soft with sensitive nipples, her hands came up to the back of both our heads and pulled us towards her...and I got the feeling she was starting to enjoy things. By now my cock was quite hard and I swivelled so she could get her hand to it, while I reached down and started stroking G's rapidly stiffenning penis. I saw S staring down towards my hand on G's cock, and knowing this was what she most wanted to see, repositioned myself so I could take his cock in my mouth. It tasted clean and a little salty with pre-cum I guess and I started slurping happily. S then slid over and took my cock in her mouth...presenting G with the opportunity to go down on her wet and neatly trimmed pussy. A few minutes passed in this position and S convulsed as she started coming. I knew my wife would take a few minutesto recover so decided G and I could give her a show. We switched into 69 position and started sucking each other's cocks greedily, and soon I murmurred that I was about to come. G indicated to slow down as he too was close...and then to my utmost surprise, S crawled alongside us and asked us both to cum on her tits. The invitation pushed us both over the edge and soon her tits were covered with creamy cum, which S then smeared seductively all over her boobs with her fingers, and lifted her fingers to her mouth to suck clean. She then urged both our heads to her tits...and neiher G nor I needed more, both licking and sucking the rapidly drying semen from her luscious tits, before we all rolled onto our backs, sated and satisfied. S lay there with a small smile on her face, and her hand on my softening cock. I knew this 1st time had been successful...what more could lie in the future? Or was this a once-off experiment to satisfy her curiousity. Time will tell...