Written by indiancouple

04 Dec 2014

we an Indian couple I am 30 average built and my wife 28 is sexy, nice boobs,ass, and clean shaven pussy, but very shy homely person

weekend been bored at home and doing everyday life chores we decided to a visit a club to have a few drinks and dance, wife wore a short black dress with red heels, she looked stunning which made me a bit jealous as other men would stare at her from top to bottom.

As the club started to get busy my wife took to the dance floor by herself, as soon as she started dancing a guy out of nowhere pulled her by the hand and started holding her and dancing, I didn't seem to mind at all, my wife looked at me and I gave her the thumbs up to enjoy dancing with the guy, after a few songs I could see the guys hand on her ass rubbing it and grabbing, she didn't resist and started to enjoy it, after a while I could his hands going up her thigh, at some time she came to me at the bar I asked if she was enjoying herself and her reply was YES babes I having Fun, I then told her I had saw this guys hand on her thigh, she looked shocked thinking I could not see as I was sitting by the bar, i suggested we leave to go home but before leaving my wife had to go to the ladies, I called this guy who she was dancing with and asked him if would join us later that night our place, I gave him the address and said to him if he wants he can come by in an hour because we are leaving, we reached home my wife got undress and went got into bed naked, not after long there was a knock on the door it was the guy she was dancing with which we will call Dean, i told him to wait in the lounge while i put all the lights off, it was dark and i told him my wife is naked in the bedroom and that he must go in naked, Dean entered the bedroom my wife thinking it was me as she had her eyes closed was not sure what was about to happen, Dean snuck under the covers and starting licking her pussy, moaning and getting aroused she suddenly open her eyes and saw it was not me but Dean from the club, with a smile i said to her just enjoy, she was so shy i told her to close her eyes and soon as she closed her eyes Dean put his cock near her mouth which she started to suck and playing with his balls, not long Dean parted her legs and nibbled a bit more on her clit and teasing and rubbing his dick on her pussy lips, i could she that she was wet as Dean started to push his dick into my wife inch by inch slow motion and then started to fuck her fast, that night Dean fucked my wife twice and made her cum 5 times,

After he left my wife said to me that this was one good experience and didn't know that she will enjoy it, She suggested that we do this once every month of which i have agreed