25 Sep 2018

*Names are fictitious, but the tale is not"

So, in my previous story, I mentioned I was going through a divorce because my ex was caught out cheating.

As most people do, especially when cheated on, you need to prove to yourself that you still have "it". Well, I did. I felt being cheated on a knock to my confidence. Well, after this experience, my confidence was back up.

I had recently made contact with an old mate of mine, Adrian. While chatting about the whole splitting up thing, I mentioned the phrase, "Carpe Diem". He reckons to me that I might like a friend of his because she also quotes a foreign language phrase. He does loose introductions on BBM, and I start chatting to his friend, Charlene.

Charlene and I end up chatting for a week or so. Her phrase (French) was "C'est La Vie". I know, this foreign language thing is just so corny. All while Adrian is arranging a meet for us on the coming Friday night where the three of us will meet up at his local pub. I think he was really enjoying playing the Cupid role.

Meanwhile, between our chatting, Charlene and I come up with our own plan. Our bright spark plan is to meet on the Wednesday and see if we gel, and if that is the case come Friday when Adrian does the introductions, we will look at each other as express something along the lines of "I like you" and kiss for a bit to shock him.

So along comes Wednesday. I quickly hit the showers and put on my new clothes. Therapeutic Shopping; I get it ladies, it really works. I splurged out on some Guess Jeans and shirt. Off to the bar I head. I arrange with Charlene to meet her there and as I am a little early. I select a table and inform her. She says she knows which table as besides this being Adrian's local pub, it was her local as well.

When she arrived, I was gobsmacked. This beautiful girl walked to my table. Her pics did not do her justice. You could quite literally bounce pennies off her backside. The night was awesome and the drinks and conversation flowed quite nicely. The pub calls last round and we head to the place next door and have a final drink. I walk her to her car and I decide to make a move. I leaned in for the kiss and she kissed back. So, as we are making out, we reckon we need something quieter. Eyes scanning for somewhere safe and isolated. We walk around to the back of the bar and kiss some more. We ended up in the alleyway behind the bar. Kissing became fondling, which became groping and touching.

Things were getting extremely hot when she unzipped my pants and unleashed my raging hard-on. Her jeans button was already undone and she slipped her pants down, followed by her underwear. I started fumbling for a condom and eventually got the thing open and rolled it down my cock, still while kissing her.

I sat her down on what I think was a cable drum of sorts and entered her. She groaned and kept scooting back towards the edge of whatever platform it was because the thrusting kept pushing her backwards. I turned her around and entered her from behind. She came only once and I did not which I think was due to the alcohol, but we had one hellavu time. As I removed the condom she removed her jeans and underwear completely. I asked why and she said when she dropped them, the fell in something wet.

We decided we had to walk back crafty to her vehicle. She walked in front with her pants sort of in front of her and I walked behind her to hide the view from anyone that was there. The view was better than a winter lookout of Table Mountain. When we got to her car, she sat her naked ass on her seat and she threw a jacket over her lap. We kissed a little more through the front window and I asked her to message me when she was home safe.

We actually ended up seeing each other for around 8 weeks after that, and my friends, let me tell you, we were like bunny rabbits.

I hope you enjoyed my recollection of this memory, and if asked, might add a few more stories.

Happy hunting :)

P.S. I did not re-read after typing so please excuse any spelling, grammatical and tense errors I may have made.

P.S.S I am glad I seized the day ;)