29 Jul 2016

I was in contact with a girl on here for a while and we decided to meet up. I told her initially that I was with someone and she was fine with that. We met in a shopping centre as it was open and public and safe. Neither of us had a lot of time so we went to my car in the car park. Once we were in the car we started kissing like horny teens.

She grabbed my cock that was now rock hard and throbbing through my pants. She took it out and it sprang to life. As she started to lick the top of my cock it grew harder and thicker. She teased a little and then started sucking like a demon. I had a fist full of her hair and face fucked her till she gagged, to her credit she didn't stop. Mind you I had to have my wits about me as there were people all around us and I had to make sure we were not obvious or spotted.

As she sucked my cock, I reached over with my free hand and groped her lovely ass. Reaching further I rubbed her pussy which was dripping by this point. First a finger and then two, finger fucking her. With the palm of my hand facing down on her, I slipped my middle finger into her ass. She didn't flinch and I continued to finger her ass with one hand and held her head down with the other hand.

She continued sucking me off as I finger fucked her pussy and ass. I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers, she was moaning over my throbbing cock in her mouth and throat. Before I knew it, she was squirting all over my fingers and hand. I didn't stop finger fucking her, but the sensation of her cumming on my fingers and her moaning on my cock sent me off the radar and I was cumming too.

I cum down her throat and she didn't spill a drop.

We met a few times thereafter and had some good sex and dogging sessions.