Written by lenard

18 Jan 2014

Carol and I lying in bed one evening watching TV. A very attractive black lady appeared. Carol said to me "would you do that" to which I replied yes. She said "so would I". We have lived together for three years and I never knew the BI in her.

I asked her what she liked and she said "Black woman,I find them so sexy " I said have you tried and she then confessed-yes.

She said "do you know Cindy" I did, Cindy was a black girl that lived up stairs in the flats was tall a body to die for and very attractive. She was about 28 years of age. She goes to Virgin active which we also attended. I have seen her working out before and she is hot.

Carol told me that the other day it was Cindy's birthday. She went upstairs to wish her happy birthday. She told me that she put her hands on Cindy's tight small waist and her stomach had cobbliewoks. She kissed Cindy on the lips. Cindy did not pull away and Carol asked her "can I do that again" Cindy laughed and said as many times as you want. Well as carol said it was there and into the bedroom. She had the best sex of her life. This has been going on with my blessing for about three weeks now. I asked Carol if I could become part of the action her reply was "not now my love"