17 Jul 2017

So i looked through some female adds this morning, keeping options open. I came accross this one and it spiked my reply, no she was not 20 or a fhm model, but something about her awoke the inner me.

Hope you approve:


To see them harden

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i can not think of something more erotic than teasing your body to see your nipples harden as i just stroke your thighs and body, without even touching any sensative areas. I would like to see your face change to a naughty smile, your nipples pushing against your clothes, longing to be sucked, your thighs tightenning, as your become more and more arroused. I want to slightly stroke my hand over your panties, feeling the warmth off your juicyness wanting more.

Moving my hands to your ass and thighs, lightly running my fingers accross it, lightly gripping them, but letting go again. I wanna feel you longing for more, without saying so or even moving closer.

I wanna bring you to the point where you just want to let go, but still fight the desire to let your erotic self take over.

I want you to want, to need, to breath, to smell your inner sexual desire wanting more. I want your brain to release just enough sexuality, to the point where your mouth goes sticky, almost dry, to the point where you can almost taste your hornyness.

I want you to loose all rational thought of not now, not here.

I want your mind to imagine the sensation of erotic explosion, but to hold back for the physical action, to the point where you can feel me thrusting inside you, to the point where your thrust in sinc with me, to the glorious release of orgasmic erotic teased and built up desires, where it feels like an explosion, like you and i have this built up river of cum just pulsing out of our bodies, letting our skin tingle to the point off unthouchable extacy!

To that point where we drain our bodies of all sexual juices, but where it feels life suddenly makes sence!