Written by Herbig

22 Nov 2016

I met a hot lady. She wasn’t really what I had in mind but we clicked on the chat. I reckoned she could be as horny as me or maybe even hornier, given that she was on site.

We met for coffee and ended up at her sisters apartment. She took her lovers there because it was a discreet pozy for her. We sat on a large comfy couch in the lounge and she offered me a drink. Wanted me to make myself comfy while she got me a glass of water. By time she got back, I was like laying back and enjoying the soft music she had put on. She sat next to me and gave me the glass of water. Then she placed her hand on my thigh, I felt electricity in it. I like it for a change that a woman was forward. I lay back and gave her full rein. She was horny. Breath quickening, she rubbed my thighs, glanced over to me, blushed and giggled at the same time. Quickly she unzipped my trousers and stuck her hands into my pants. She found Herbig growing under her palm.

She got in front of me on her knees and tugged my trousers off while slid my undies down my thighs. Wow was all she said before coming down on me. She took Herbig full into her mouth and I felt my head swell to full erection between her hot lips. She was already eating my cock before I had time to finish my glass of water.

I asked her if she would like me to finger her. She said her pussy was tight and wet and easy to access. So I lay on the couch and she straddled face. She had a fucking awesome pussy back there. Boy, she was wet, her panties were soaked. I pulled them to the side and flapped her lips a bit and heard her working my cock.

I felt this was going very quickly, maybe too quickly, so I got my fingers into her. Her juice was slippery all over my hand. Then I must’ve hit her g-spot because she bucked forward and backward and began working my cock super hard . That didn’t take long, I shed my load down her throat and while I eased off, she came hard on my fingers.

Now I want to try another woman, also one who takes the lead. It’s quiet novel to sit back and let a horny woman make the moves.