14 Jun 2018

She, Part 3

The internet is an evil, evil, awesome place. Not only does it give you access to sites like this…how the hell did people pull off swinging before the internet?...but it gives you all the info you need…and that includes porn and Gifs. I learned to utterly love Gifs this past month. So…we decided it’s time for their first solo play, the hotwife and her bull. We also learned…thanks Google…that this isn’t the classic/degrading/insulting cuckold set up, but something way, WAY cooler…the Stag and Vixen. Me being the willing and organising stag, confident enough to let his vixen play…and her the frolicking vixen, happy to play…but always respecting the boundaries set by her stag. And of course the bull…the lucky duck who gets to spend time with her.

We decided on a date…3 weeks down the line. He would pick her up, take her to a pre booked guesthouse, me waiting patiently for the 3 hours play time we decided on. SD put in the time and effort to book a nice chalet close to our house, and the stag took his vixen shopping for her first play date. A super sexy undies set from La Senza guaranteed he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands of her. I helped her pick out the rest of her outfit…a little pleather dress, leather jacket and boots. She looked stunning.

And then…we waited…and that’s when the real fun started…

We had a whatsapp group already in place, but 2 weeks before the actual meet…lusty, hormonal, horny chaos broke loose. The chats got more risqué…and so did her pics. What started off as the random boob pic or 2, escalated to gigi pics secretly taken at her office. We were treated to video clips from her, whispering sweet nothings and playing with her wand…lol…which we gladly accepted. At home we couldn’t keep our hands of off each other, fucking each other constantly. It’s obvious everyone was stupidly excited…and a bit nervous about the meet.

Me…lol…being the instigator I am, invited SD over for a drink a week before the meet…

I think it took all but 30 min before she was tied down on the bed…blindfolded…him making her twitch and moan with the wand he bought her, her sucking my dick. The whole session was a blur or raw lust and need to release, him doing so in covering her boobs with cum…me inside her, her on top. She came on top of me, then on him, then on me again. We were spent and stupidly happy.

And so…after 4 years of trying to find the right guy that will get and respect what we want, planning, chatting for a year and a half, baby steps and videos and pics and shopping and finding the right place, and and and…the day of the vixen’s first solo play date has arrived.

The group chat the said day had this weird buzz to it…excitement, lust and a tad of nervousness made for interesting conversation. It took forever for the clock to reach 4, before I sped off to pick her up….she only had an hour and a half to get ready before he picked her up at 6.

My date started right after I ran her a hot bubble bath. I sat on the edge of the bath and smoked the first of way too many smokes. She slowly got in, laid back…lathered up and promptly blew my mind when she started talking…the dirty kind…asking if I was still ok with her going out to fuck on her own, if I would be nice and hard when she came back…she winked me closer, handed me a soapy sponge and asked me to clean her slutty little pussy for her. Lol…obviously she noticed my massive erection, and instructed me to take out my dick. Sitting in the bath she teasingly took me in her mouth, slowly and expertly licking the pre cum off the tip of the head…I knew she gave the best head ever…but this was insane. She giggled and zipped me back up, a devious glint in her eye…”You can’t cum now, I want it later when I tell you everything…”

We moved to the room where she slipped into her sexy new undies and boots, applied her makeup and got dressed. The phone buzzed him in, we greeted…and off she went for her first play date…but not before giving me a huge hug and kiss, telling me she loves me. I smiled as they drove off…no jealousy, no regrets, jus the all too familiar nervousness.

About 20 minutes my later my phone buzzed with the first pic…him and her, safe at the chalet. I learned later that SD really put in effort into the meet, getting a nice, classy chalet, wine and music. Proof again we made the right choice in choosing him. I chucked on some obscure ‘80s horror, sat back with a cup of tea and waited for the next update…

The next pic buzzed in about 15 minutes later….her, looking up at the camera with her big brown eyes, his dick in her mouth. Lol, I almost choked on my tea and tried to push down my raging hard on. The next pic made the exercise obsolete…her legs open, camera pointing down…his dick inside her. The hard on stayed.

I stupidly tried to focus on the plot of the movie, before my phone buzzed again…a video clip…I steeled myself and hit play…

The angle was perfect, his dick sliding in and out of her wet, gorgeous pussy…I could hear her moan and giggle as she fucked him. The phone buzzed again, another clip…showing her on top, him inside her…she smiled and looked at the camera…and blew every little scrap of porn ever made away…”Hey baby, I’m busy fucking SD…and it feels so good. (the camera shifted here a bit, and I could tell from her expression and breathing she just came…or was about to) And I can’t wait to get home and feel your dick inside me…”

The last pic…blew me away…his dick still in her mouth, her tongue covered in his cum, dribbling out. It was the last straw.

The movie forgotten, I mastrubated like an angsty teen.

Ten minutes before her curfew I got the room ready, and I could hear the gate open. The vixen was back after her first play date. I laid back in the bed, my dick still stupidly hard.

The door slowly opened, and my vixen made her triumphant return. She smiled, said hi and immediately got undressed…she came back home with no undies. She crawled into bed, and immediately started going down on me, teasing my dick with her tongue. I couldn’t wait anymore, pulled her up and slipped my dick into her already wet pussy…she started fucking me slowly…too slowly…making me feel every thrust in hyper detail. She smiled and started telling me about her date…

She told me how she rubbed his dick on the way there, how they got there and she lifted her dress up so he could see her bubble butt in the fuck me undies. How he went down on her first, before she returned the favour and took the awesome pic. She told me how he laid her down, played with her and the magic wand, how she asked him to please just fuck her. And fucked they did, her relaying every detail…what he said, what she said…how his dick felt. How she used her signature bj moved, how he begged her not to stop, how he came in her slutty little mouth.

I could feel her twitching as the orgasm raced through her body…she gasped…”I need you to cum inside me, please…” and I happily obliged. She rolled over and I pulled her closer…I haven’t had enough, and slid my dick in behind her…”God, you’re so big” she moaned before I fucked her. Lol…I fucked her like she owed me money (inside joke), reclaiming her and her body, reminding her why she loves fucking me. It was brilliant and perfect.

We had a smoke after, just chatting about the whole experience and night. She couldn’t stop giggling when she told me on the way back they forgot to take a pic I requested…so they pulled into the dark church parking lot across the street from our place, sucked his dick and got the pic. But not before fucking up his blow up mattress with her boot heel. She fell asleep in my arms…properly fucked and happy.

So yes dear followers of the story…I’m happy to report I’m now the proud half of a Stag and Vixen couple. Nothing has changed between us…expect that we fuck like rabid rabbits, she’s more open and talkative…she has this aura around her that’s just super sexy. The idea of her fucking some other guy and it doesn’t affect what we have in any way…is making what we have stronger, closer. I will most likely again arrange a solo date for them, but until then she is getting spoiled and treated with regular threesomes.

It took us 4 years to find the right guy…but we’re so convinced in the way it works with him…and just him…we took off “seeking a single guy” of our profile, and updated our info to say we’ll meet only couples, we’re very happy with the guy we have.

I can honestly say the Stag and Vixen set up is not for jealous couples…and yes, you do find them in the swinger set up…or couples who only believe in tit for tat play…meaning if she scores, I MUST score…cause it just won’t fucking work. This is beyond cuckolding where the hubby doesn’t feature till after, or has no say in meets…this is for couples who respect each other, for the stag who wants to share his hotwife, and for the hotwife who appreciates her stag for letting her explore. We HIGHLY recommend it.

The end.