25 May 2018

She, hotwife Part2

So…where were we? We met the guy who would become our side dick…we had the drinks and the chat…and then, as it sometimes do…life happened. I had to move office, she had to leave for work on a weekly basis. I still kept in touch with SD, trying to move around dates to finally invite him over…but no luck. We still attended a party or 2, had our first small gathering at our new place…even met a new couple. But still the idea of inviting over SD for the long planned meet was scratching at my door…

It was time to plan the meet.

I waited till her work load settled, and we didn’t have any other engagements and decided to pop the question…

“So…I thought we could invite that nice guy we met over on Friday…?’

She looked kinda puzzled, and I had to remind her about the guy we met for drinks…5 months ago. Lol, the moderator curse.

She replied, sporting a knowing smile.

“Sure, why the hell not?”

I grabbed my phone, scrolled through my contacts and hit send…the message dropped and he replied…

Our first meet as a hotwife couple was planned…and right about that time the nerves kicked in, almost the same way it happened before we met our first couple…the first time we drove up to visit another couple not in our town…the first party, the first club outing. It’s a weird, funny, awesome feeling…one I sometimes wish more vanilla couples could experience.

Friday, the big day arrived…

I slipped away from the office earlier to clean up the place, buy the booze, load a sexy (but not radio friendly sexy) playlist. She got home a while later, quickly joined me for a bath before we prepared some light snacks. She joined me later for a cigarette, dressed casually and looking super cute.

The stage…dear reader…was set.

After what felt like forever, SD phoned and we opened the gate for him. I greeted him and instantly noticed…I think it’s a swinger thing…he took time, dressed neatly...he put in the effort for her. He greeted her with a warm hug, and I noticed she had to stand tip toe to plant a cute little kiss.

We went inside, got some drinks and started chatting, mostly about our past experiences…sharing the good and the bad stories, laughing and cringing at some of the memories. They seemed very comfortable…and the contrast was-weirdly-a turn on for me. He was a tall guy, “burly”…she’s rather short, petite. While they talked I could notice her body language changing with the vibe…slowly getting more relaxed, more comfortable, moving closer. I clearly remember she even pulled the classic “I’m going to fidget with my hair” move…watching the whole scenario was exciting, and stupidly intriguing. It then dawned on me…this was his first meet and play with a couple…but if he was nervous, he hid it pretty damn well. So much so, he made the first move and leaned in for a kiss…one she happily received. She push her hand in his hair, pulling him closer…teasing his tongue with hers, just like I taught her. She pushed herself forward, pressing her breast closer, ever moving closer…the sexual chemistry was palpable. I grinned to myself…it was the same chemistry I was lucky enough to have with her, and a few girls. But besides me and maybe…1…other guy, she never had the same experience as me.

I slowly got up, moved to another couch and lit a smoke, and enjoyed the show…

He lifted her…strong, eager but gently off the couch, making her stand in front of him, her back facing him. He slowly slipped his hands under her strappy top…running his hands over her back, her sides. She moaned and lifted her arms up, locking her fingers…it looked amazing. He started kissing and nuzzling her back while his hands finally found her amazing breasts, caressing them. She had enough…and quickly took her top off, dropping to her knees almost the same time as her bra. “No…you first” he suggested, pushing her down on the couch. He didn’t fumble at her belt, or her zip as she lifted her ass so he could pull of her jeans. Her super sexy undies followed. She spread her legs and pulled his head closer, inviting him to lick her…explore…and taste her. She gasped as his tongue finally made it to her peach and he started going down on her. She lifted her hips, pushing herself into him, holding his head and moaning.

I…all the while, sitting on the couch and smoking…had my voyeuristic fill for the night, and joined them on the couch.

As I sat down next to her she grabbed my leg, pulled herself up and kissed me…long…deep, passionately…as he continued going down own her. She gasped and giggled, pushing his head away…the way she does when it starts getting too good. She pushed him out of the way…”My turn”

We both started pulling down our pants…too fast, too eagerly maybe…

She kneeled between us, grabbing our dicks…approaching me first, slipping me into her mouth, and expertly started wanking him off at the same time. She rotated…giving us each a chance to experience one of her legendary blow jobs. We decided to move to the room after she proclaimed it was time to fuck.

I rushed to the room to adjust the lighting, and take out a sealed packs of condoms he brought with…super thin, just as she requested. They came into the room, she leading him by the hand…lol…the gesture made me decide to let them have fun first.

She pushed him down on the bed…quickly sliding a rubber over his dick before she swung her leg over him, got on top and guided his dick into her. They started kissing…the same sexy, long, passionate kisses as earlier…as she started fucking him, grinding and moaning. I took a seat behind them, so that I could see her bubble butt bouncing up and down on his dick, before she started arching her back and giggling…her tell-tale signs of having a good orgasm. Panting, her flipped her over and slipped his dick into her wet pussy…slowly fucking her at first, but faster and harder as she lifted herself up. I couldn’t resist any longer, forgetting for a moment this was technically his first threesome. He didn’t flinge…lol, or cringe…as I moved to the head of the bed, presenting my dick to her waiting mouth. I pulled her closer and turned her around, moving down to lick the small of her back…her ass…and then her pussy. I started fucking her, hard…looked down and saw her going down on him, grabbing the edge of the bed. It was too much…I pulled out just in time, covering her ass in cum. I quickly grabbed a towel, cleaned up and gave them 5 minutes to finish.

Afterward…after he left, a huge smile on his face and after the “after sex”…we lay in bed, chatting and discussing the meet. She was obviously happy, content, blissful…the signs of good sex. Lol…I didn’t plan to join them…but yeah, it was impossible. We both agreed there would have to be another meet…and soon.

In the month before the next visit…which incidentally was planned a few days after my 40th…I created a whatsapp group where we could chat. We talked about the hotwife thing, swinging, movies…she would post a super sexy boob pic every now and again, we both would respond with the drool emoji. It was comfortable, easy and safe. Although he was married…we understood this was fun, everyone involved got what they wanted. I pitched my first genuine hotwife toe dipping scenario to them…and we agreed it was a good way to test the waters before taking the plunge of him picking her up…fucking her…and dropping her off again.

My b day came and went, and SD picked us up for drinks at a local strip club…his treat for me turning 40. He also mentioned he had a gift for her. The club has…eish…typical small town strip club. Bad music, girls not very interested in dancing…but it was stupid fun to have a few drinks before we went home, and give him time to reveal the surprise.

And what a surprise it was! He, being the nice guy that he is, remembered her mentioning she wanted a wand. Which he promptly ordered for her.

It didn’t take too long before she was lying on the couch, moaning very hard as he worked the wand over her undies. Finally he slid her panties out of the way, pushed the wand down harder and faster…she pulled at him…wanting him inside her. We tried different positions…her on her knees kissing me as he got her pussy wet from behind, her thighs gripping the wand in ecstasy. We cuffed her hands, watching her enjoying every second of it.

She returned the favour and sucked our dicks…before she got up and winked to me and pointed to the front door…the sign.

We talked about the sign for weeks beforehand…it was the sign that she was comfortable enough to spend a few minutes (we agreed on 30min) alone with him. Baby steps.

I grabbed my smokes and phone, got in my car and drove to the garage on the corner. The garage wasn’t very busy…11 at night, a few drunk students lounging inside. I bought myself a Steri Stumpie…sat in my car and waited. Lol, I must’ve smoked 10 cigarettes, my hands shaking

My mind was racing…was she ok? What if she changed her mind, or didn’t feel safe? Was I a bastard for wanting this? What were they doing? What was I going to see if I open the door? But not once did I feel a pang of jealousy, not once did the thought cross my mind that he might “be better” than me. She deserved to have a proper fuck with crazy chemistry, as I have had before. I checked the time…AGAIN…and saw it was time to get back.

As I walked through the door I could hear the dick stirring sound of her moaning behind the closed bedroom door. I rushed to the bathroom to wash my hands.

I approached the door…took a deep breath, steeled myself and reached for the handle…

She looked up as the door opened…she was on top, busy fucking him hard, his big hands gripping her bubble butt. She smiled…the sexiest, cutest, most amazing smile ever and said:

“Hey baby, I’m just quickly busy fucking SD’s dick”…not missing a beat as I could see his dick sliding in and out of her pussy.

I realised I just walked in on my wife, fucking a guy that she wants to fuck…with my consent...and she was enjoying every moment of it. It felt as though my dick was about to explode, and I never wanted her more than at that moment.

She arched her back, his hands flying up to caress her breast, looking amazing in the dimly lit room. She started giggling…”And cumming”…she moaned as her body twitched with the orgasm running through her. She immediate got off, turning her ass to me and spreading her legs, gesturing for me to have her from behind while she sucks his dick. We fucked…and fucked…and fucked…changing positions, me watching her in awe as she made him cum for her. She lay between us on her side, stroking his dick as she kissed him, then me as I came…her pushing her ass out to take my load. We laid panting, out of breath.

After he left she got on top of me, and slowly…so slowly…fucked me and told me in detail what happened in the 30 minutes I wasn’t there.

How she sucked his dick, what he said…how he made her ask him to fuck her…how she rubbed his dick all over her pussy and made him shake with anticipation. She sounded…proud, for lack of a better word…happy that she just got fucked with her hubbies permission, and she loved it. I came inside her, her grabbing me closer and saying she fucking loves me. I slept like a baby.

The next day in our group I suggested the next meet should be just them…and a guesthouse…that he should pick her up, take her somewhere nice and fuck the bejeezus out of her…I didn’t want to feature till after, when she tells me everything. They both agreed, and she PM’d me directly after…a wink face emoji and “I’m really looking forward to fucking him again”

The hotwife was born

All hail the hotwife.