23 May 2018

Part 1 of 3...first time trying this, let me know what you think...

Hotwife, cuckold, bull…words with different meanings to the general public. The general, repressed and vanilla public…but words that have intrigued me for the past 6 years. Since my wife…second wife, 27 then, absolutely stunning and 110% bi…arranged our first swinging experience way back in 2011.

As with most couples the first experience was good…not great, but not bad. They were close friends, and as with most girls she had a curiosity about other girls. We seemed like the perfect answer. I remember pulling my wife into their bathroom mid bj and asking her-wild eyed and out of breath-“Are you ok with this?” The snicker and sultry response…a very sexy “who do you think planned this…” set us down a path with highs. A lot of highs, a lot of meets, evolving, bending the rules…figuring out together what we’re ok with and what we’re not. In 6 years we went from same room, never on the same night we meet…to visiting people and staying the night, moderating the local swinger parties, meeting to validate and vouch couples…and in 2 months hosting our own party with 40 people attending. It’s awesome what you can do if you can experiment and evolve with a wife just as keen…maybe even more by your side.

But still…in the back of my mind…those words haunted me…hotwife. The term defined as: “A married woman who has the freedom in her marriage to pursue sexual relationships with men, her husband has full knowledge of her activities, and sometimes partakes.” And for some reason that sounded like the fucking hottest thing ever.

Sure…we had our fair share of MMF threesomes…her blowing one guy, me enjoying the view on the other end…seeing her look up as and smiling as she worked the lucky guys dick stuck in my head for weeks. On occasion we would invite some guy over. Some meets went better than others-the fact that the site is riddled with fake profiles, all talk but no show, pic hunters and idiots-ruining most of the planned meets. I shelved the idea of ever approaching the subject…taking the big, next step…of looking into her brown eyes and saying “Babe…I want to get a guy for you to fuck you senseless on a semi-regular basis. I want you to be in charge, and I don’t want to feature at the meets between you and him. I want him to pick you up, drop you after…and then I want to hear every messy detail…how many times did you cum, how it felt when he slipped his dick in your wet pussy…” Lol…not the usual dinner table banter.

The tables kind of turned at our first club visit…

We drove up to Jo’burg with close friend and regular club goers. And…as expected…the club was awesome. We quickly felt right at home, having drinks and chatting to couples. Me…having the fantasy still knocking at my door…noticed the 2 guys checking her out almost immediately. I didn’t blame them…she looked extremely fuckable. She wore a tight fitting, very short black dress, fuck me heels…

I motioned them over to our table, and made the introduction over the too loud music. We started chatting, moved to a quitter spot…the usual swinging banter…building courage to pop the request/idea… She gave me one of her “go for it” smiles…and I did, asking the 2 guys if they were ok with fucking her while I watched. They happily agreed.

She led us to the dimly right room, where she immediately started getting undressed, sliding her black undies off and dropping it non chalantly. The guys started kissing her neck…her arms, slowly and softly stroking her breasts as she starting moving down to unzip them. She took G’s dick into her mouth first, working the shaft, deep throating him…and smiling and winking at me all the while. I could feel myself get hard…really, really hard…as N started going down on her. Her…being the little sex goddess she is…never giving up the dick in her mouth, moaning and grinding. N flipped her over on her knees, doggy…he slowly started rubbing his dick against her wet pussy. She slowly slipped G’s dick out of her mouth, looked me dead in the eyes and asked “Do you wanna see them fuck me, babe?” I gave her my nod of approval (I had no words) as N started fucking her. I couldn’t help myself…I started mastrubating, my dick wet with pre-cum.

The flashbacks still stirs my dick, even as I’m typing this…the way she fucked them…the stuff the moaned, like “fuck my slutty little pussy”…her looking and smiling at me through the whole awesome experience, sucking my dick ever so often. It ended with her boobs covered in 3 loads, her sitting on the edge of the bed…a smile on her face that said “Yeah, I just fucked 3 guys in a swinging club…I just had a gangbang, I’m what society would call a slut…and I’m ok with that. I’m proud of this.”

That smile was the last signal I needed…I knew it was time.

We spend the rest of the night in the club partying and dancing…her, naked on the dance floor. I could see the last of her sexual inhibitions died that night. She felt powerful…like sex should make every woman feel. We drove back to our town the next morning…to a week of mind blowing sex, her telling me about her club adventure as she fucked my dick.

It was time. Oh yes, it was time.

I’ve been chatting with…let’s call him SD, short for Side Dick…for close to a year by that time. His profile caught my eye early on, well written and honest…and married. One of our no go’s. The month before we had some issues on the site…a single guy we chatted to thought it ok to brag about the site and the people he spoke to. Mind you…just spoke to…the gutless twat never had the balls to pitch for the meet. We hastily hid all our pics on the site…and then it dawned on me. With a married guy…this would never have been an issue. A married guy gets discretion, a married guy gets playing safely…I ran it by her and she agreed. My heart skipped a beat.

After chatting with SD for a year, I dropped him the kick the door in message…”Let’s meet”

We agreed…as always…to meet after work for a drink, public place. I picked her up and we drove to our local pub, feeling kinda nervous…if this worked out, it would mean this would not be a normal meet for an MMf.

He pitched up…on time. Well dressed, easy to chat to…nervous but obviously keen. We had a few drinks and waved him goodbye…but with the clear understanding we will meet again. On the drive home I grinned and asked her…”So…would you fuck him?” She grinned “Yeah”

The fantasy was afoot…