Written by Tonguemansa

05 Aug 2013

For a long time now I have been friends with Stef. We played golf together and on the golf course shared many secrets. One of the secrets he shared with me was that although he was married, he was having an affair with a married woman. Many rounds of golf were spent with him telling me all about their goings on but that although it was an affair, they rarely had sex because they didn’t have a place to do it. A few months after these revelations my marriage ended in divorce and I moved into a small townhouse. One day not long after there was knock on my door – it was Stef. After a few generalities he got around to the point of his visit – a request that he and his lady friend could use my place during the day for their trysts. He assured me they would always leave the place neat and tidy and that there would be no problems. After considering it for a while I somewhat reluctantly agreed and gave him a key and a remote.

Our arrangement worked well and I never had any problem with what Stef and Kitty were doing in my bed. But that having been said, being recently divorced my sex life was almost non-existent. This lack of female company had only one drawback – I masturbated a lot. And to make matters worse these two were having sex in my bed. Most days I had no idea that they had been there but ever so often, I could smell her perfume on my pillow. On those days – even though I had no idea what she looked like - I often masturbated while fantasizing about her mouth or her tits or her pussy – often cumming in great spurts imagining her hot mouth around my throbbing cock.

Some months after my divorce I bought a house and moved from my little townhouse. My arrangement with Stef and Kitty continued – as did my fantasizing about and masturbating to her “image” in my head. A few months after I moved into my double story house, I got a call from Stef at work. He asked me if I could do him and Kitty a favour – her husband was out of town and her car needed to go for a service and then she needed to be taken back home and later the afternoon picked up again to fetch her car. He could not do this as he was afraid of someone seeing them driving together. Once I agreed to help, he gave me her cell number so that I could contact her to make the arrangements. Having done this, that night I was able to add another dimension to my masturbation image – her voice.

A following day I met Kitty for the first time when I picked her up from the dealer. She was quite different from how I had pictured her. Stef’s wife was a large woman with big tits. Kitty on the other hand was a small - even petit – stylish lady with small but beautifully formed tits and blonde hair. During the drive to her home, we chatted aimlessly – feeling the tension in the air of me knowing her and Stef’s dirty little secrets. I dropped her off at home and arranged to pick her up again later. Later the afternoon I returned and drove Kitty to fetch her car. Once all the formalities had been completed, Kitty invited me for a drink to say thank you for my troubles. I agreed and we arranged to meet at a country lodge just outside of the CBD but not out of the way for either of our routes home.

I left her while she was paying for her service and drove to the lodge. There was a very cosy lounge with thick upholstered couches and books where one could relax with a drink and chat. Not long after I had arrived Kitty flounced in. She saw me relaxing on the couch in the corner and made her way over. I noticed she had removed her jacket and that she was wearing a white silk blouse and black slack. As she walked towards me I could see her cheeks were slightly flushed and her nipples were erect and clearly visible through the thin lave bra and silk blouse. I got an immediate hard-on but was able to hide it as I stood to greet her. Although there was a chair and another couch, she chose to sit down on the couch where I had been seated. I motioned the waiter over and we ordered some drinks. Once we had received them we sat chatting about this and that but one drink led to another and soon we had let our guards down. Very soon we were chatting like old friends and laughing and joking. At one pint I told a joke and Kitty roared with laughter and slapped me on the thigh. As she continued to laugh I noticed she had not removed her hand but had left it on my thigh. As we chatted we naturally turned towards each other, gradually allowing the space between us to reduce. After the third or fourth drink, we had started chatting about her and Stef and them using my house for sex. She turned towards me and said that she had always wanted to thank me so she had decided now was a good time to do so. She leaned towards me and kissed me. At first it was just our lips meeting but slowly we moved closer and her lips parted slightly and her tongue flicked at mine. As the kiss became a little more intense, my hand slipped into her soft blonde hair and I pulled her closer. Then suddenly we both realized we had to stop. We broke off the kiss and moved away giggling and complimenting each other. We finished our drink and then decide it was time for us to leave. I walked her to her car where we embraced and kissed softly again. I then walked to my car and began my journey home – knowing that tonight my fantasy would be even more vivid when I masturbated.

As we drove I realized she was driving behind me as our route home was similar. Not long after leaving the lodge, my cellphone rang – it was Kitty. She thanked me again for my trouble and I apologized for the kiss. I told her that she should come over for a quick cup of coffee. She went to and fro about whether or she should but eventually she agreed and followed me home.

Once home we sat on the couch chatting while the water boiled. Once it was done I stood up to go to the kitchen to make the coffee. Although the living area was open-plan, Kitty followed me and stood close to me as I poured the coffee. Instead of moving back to the lounge, we just stood next to each other sipping our coffee. As we finished Kitty turned to me, put her cup down and reached out to me. I leaned in and kissed her full on her soft lips. Very soon we were in a hot embrace hungrily sucking on each other’s tongues. I cupped her small round tits as we kissed and tweaked her nipples while she ground her hip into my throbbing cock. As we remained locked in the kiss, I had unbuttoned her blouse and freed her one boob from the confines of the bra. I broke of the kiss and bent down to take her hard nipple into my hot wet mouth. I sucked and nibble on her nipple while she arched her back and moaned with pleasure. After a few minutes of this maddening delight, I asked her to come upstairs with me so that we could make love. She touched my cheek tenderly and said no – not tonight but promised me next time and that next time would be soon. After straightening her clothes we kissed again softly and she said she had to go. After she left, I thought about Stef for the first time and, although I had enjoyed kissing and making out with his girlfriend, I realized that we had stopped in time and that I had nothing to feel guilty about. Besides, it was not as if she would really phone me again or live up to her “next time” promise. That did however not stop me from laying on my bed and having a huge orgasm as I remembered the feel of her mouth on mine or the hardness of her nipple in my mouth.

The next morning Kitty phoned to thank me again for helping her out. I assured her that it had been a pleasure and that she could call anytime if she needed help again. No mention was made of the kissing or the making out so I assumed it had been decided not to let it complicate things between her and Stef.

A few days later I got home from work and when I walked in the door I got the scent of Kitty – obviously her and Stef had been there during the day to fuck. As I made my way to the kitchen to make dinner, my phone rang. It was Kitty. She confirmed that she and Stef had been there and that she had left her earrings on my bedside table and wanted to know if I minded if she came to pick them up on her way home. I agreed and invited her for a quick glass of wine. When she arrived I realized from the hello that she had left the earrings there on purpose. She greeted me warmly with a long passionate kiss. I closed the door behind us and we immediately made our way up the stairs to my bedroom. Very soon we were rolling around on the bed like two horny teenagers. I almost felt inept as I pawed at her tits, pinching them as she sucked on my tongue and rubbed my throbbing cock through my pants. I hadn’t had sex for a while but she had fucked my friend in my bed but a few hours before. I think this thought made us both even hornier and very soon I had Kitty naked.

After I had undressed Kitty completely, I stood up and undressed myself finally freeing my cock from the confines it had threatened to burst from. As I undressed, I tuned towards her and almost had an orgasm at the vision before me. Kitty was totally naked lying with one arm behind her head, her perfectly rounded tits topped with erect pink nipples, leg slightly parted, one bent, her other hand casually rubbing her clit, with eyes wide and a naughty smile across her face as she watched me undress. I smiled back at her and we both laughed.

Once naked I got onto the bed and positioned myself between her legs. From all our chats on the golf course, I knew that Stef was a man of few talents in the bedroom. He never even considered cunnilingus with either his wife or his mistress. But I had other ideas. Since I had a short thick cock which I had developed quite a complex about, I had made it my mission to know how to please a woman totally with my tongue and fingers. I leaned in and fir the first time tasted Kitty’s pussy juices. The taste sent a shiver down my spine right to my balls. I softly parted her cunt lips and slipped one finger gently into her hot wetness. With my other hand I pulled either side of her clit, freeing it from its protective hood. I flicked at her exposed clit with the tip of my tongue while slowly finger fucking her gently. I continued this for a while then began to lick with more urgency and pressure. Kitty moaned with pleasure beneath me as I drove her wild with delight. Very soon I was sucking hard on her clit, sliding another and then another finger into her cunt. I could feel her orgasm approaching as her cunt muscles began to tighten and pulsate around my fingers. As her orgasm built, I sucked harder and faster and finger-fucked her with more urgency. She grabbed me by the hair and pulled me harder towards her pussy as she lifted her hips off the bed and ground her cunt into my tongue. Suddenly she screamed out as orgasm after orgasm washed over her. I as she went limp from the sudden relief, I continued to lap up all her pussy juices as the flowed out of her. When she had relaxed somewhat I stopped and moved my position to lie down beside her. Her eyes were closed and her breathing labored as a gently caressed her whole body while she relaxed.

Once she had regained her composure somewhat, she turned to me and kissed me softly on the lips telling me how wonderful that had been. Then she grabbed my still throbbing cock and told me it was now my turn. As she positioned herself to give me a blowjob, she told me that although she enjoyed fucking Stef, he was more of a missionary position kind of guy. He had licked her pussy on rare occasions but had never allowed her to suck his cock – and she loved sucking cock. To me that was no problem because apart from pleasuring a woman by cunnilingus, my second favorite thing was having a woman suck my short thick cock. Kitty leaned in and flicked at my cock, sticking the tip of her tongue in the glans, pulling back the foreskin so that she could run her tongue under the rim of the head teasingly. Then she began sucking in earnest. She caressed my balls, then pumped up and down on the shaft as she sucked and nibbled the head. Then, while holding my balls in one hand, she took my whole cock into her mouth. As she moved down she sucked and twirled her tongue around the shaft. Then as the moved backwards to withdraw my cock from her mouth, she continued to suck but dragged her teeth up the sides of my throbbing shaft. Very, very soon she had me approaching orgasm. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled my cock from her mouth. I told her I was about to cum but that it would have to wait as I first wanted to fuck her before I came.

I rolled her onto her back and knelt between her legs and sucked and licked at her clit again. Then I grabbed her by the ankles and lifted them to my shoulders. I positioned my still throbbing cock at the entrance of her cunt and in one thrust plunged it deep into her pussy. As I thrust in and out of her hot wet pussy, neither of us took their eyes of the other as if mesmerized. Kitty hooked her ankles onto my shoulders and as I fucked her, I rubbed her clit while she played with her nipples and moaned and mewled with hunger as my cock slid easily in and out of her. Very soon I could feel her cunt muscles begin to spasm, sucking my cock deeper and deeper into her cunt as our orgasms approached. As I fucked her faster and faster our her moans became louder and her pussy wetter and tighter. Then with a mighty yell that she was cumming and that I must fuck her harder and cum with her, her orgasms began to break from within. I felt my own orgasm and let out a scream as I filled her cunt with spurt after spurt of hot sticky cum.

As my knees wobbled from the intensity of my own orgasm, I collapsed spent down next to an equally spent and exhausted Kitty. As we lay there relaxing and getting back our breath, neither spoke or uttered a sound. She just lay there beside me her hand gently cupping my balls and now flaccid cock while I absent-mindedly caressed her still erect nipples. We never spoke but I’m sure we were think the same thing – about Stef and what we had started by forgetting about him and giving in to our animalistic desires of fucking each other.

That night that I first fucked Kitty was the first of many fun times together. She and Stef continued their affair but her and I never ever mentioned him again when we were together. We often fucked on the same day that they had met to fuck at my house. I often wondered if it gave Kitty a thrill to fuck Stef and then later that day, have me eat her pussy to orgasm and fuck her wildly to satisfy a need that Stef could not fulfil. But alas, I moved overseas and we lost contact. Kitty and Stef’s relationship ended and she remains with her husband to this day. Athough I often dream of seeing Kitty again and renewing our sexual relationship I know that is but a pipe dream. Yet in the time we did have together, Kitty and I fucked each other in many exciting ways - the food for many another story still to be written.