Written by Leon

24 Sep 2014

While doing duty on the border in 1980, we were based in a small campin the west of Ovamboland.We were situated on a farm and worked from there.The farmer spent lots of time in the veld working with the locals and wildlife.While he was away, we were to do patrols and guard the the homestead.one night while i was on duty, his wife came outside to get fresh air.We were not supposed to mix with the family exept for when they needed something. Well mevrou needed something and i had to help.She was 42 at the time and built to fuck. Id heard how the guys said that she liked to show a bit of boob and leg but never got the chance to see.

She asked if i was the only one on duty and if i wanted some coffee.I accepted and sat on the stoep chatting, when she got up legs open showing me her bare pussy.Having not seeing one for months, i had to look. She asked if i liked what i saw and if i wanted to see more, with that she stood over me and lifted her dress to give me a full view. Neatly trimmed and smelling good i stared at her inviting pussie.She aked if had ever eaten a married woman before and if i wanted to eat her.I said yes and started eating her there on the stoep.Man it tasted good, i ate her untill she came in my mouth in gushes.

I then got to lick and suck on one of the nicest pairs of boobs ever.A handfull of firmness with the most erect nipples i have ever licked.

She obviously needed it cause she wanted me to eat her again which i did.She then told me that she wanted to suck my cock and that she wants to see me come all over her boobs and face,well no army boy was going to say no,What a sensation to have a horny married woman sucking my young 18yr old cock.I blew a mother load all over her boobs and face which she licked up.After a few minutes she got me going again for me to have her sit on me and fuck my brains out,wow we fucked 4 times that night on my shift and many times after that.She was in the back of a mine vehicle with me one day with her husband driving and all of us strapped in when she moved her dress up to show me her pussie with no panties on.Well i fingered her while hubby was driving and none the wiser.

Before we moved on, i had the pleasure of introducing her and myself to anal sex cause she wanted me to fuck her in the arse.She had such a tight body that i couldnt say no.So my last night on duty was fucking her tight arse and pussie for 4hrs.

Man i wish i could have been there longer as she seemed to develope more fetishes as time progressed.Coming in her mouth as she swollowed or just comimg all over her turned her on.What a fuck her husband didnt no about,but i got to taste.Wish i could have met up with her again somewhere to do it again.