Written by spontaneous fun

19 Jul 2015

It is a cold wet grey skies day when you arranged to meet me for a drink and chat with no expectations. Our conversations where nice and relaxed and led to our swinging experiences and fantasies. We both felt a connection and decided to go and have some late Friday afternoon fun. You following me to my place. I poured a sherry got the play area sorted and undressed wearing only my bra and stockings asking you to please massage me sir. Your warm big hands started caressing me, removing my bra for my hard nipples to escape. You laid me down over your leg and started caressing and pinching my nipples my breathing becoming more rapid becoming moans. You laid me down and with my scarves you tied my hands above my head telling me to keep still and be quiet, yes sir. My ankles you tied to each corner of the table and then came the blindfold.

Your hands all over my body from my face down to my belly button almost drove me over the edge. With each moan I made u punished me by placing pegs around my nipples while u sucked and niibbled on my nipples, teasing me with your strong hands just above my pussy telling me to be still. You gagged me so no moans could escape meexploring my body making me shiver with pleasure. With each move I made more pegs where placed on my breasts and body it felt so good. I am ready to explode. I beg you sir please touch my pussy she is ready for those thick fingers of yours. You start rubbing the top part of my pussy with my silky stockings still on, rubbing up and down driving me wild. You hear I am close to an orgasm and you stop, leaving me breathless and begging for more. You utter while pulling my stockings down that is what she wants, exposing my wet pussy for you to pleasure. Your fingers are now exploring my clit and slit, yes please sir I moan with each stroke feeling my body tensing into an orgasm.

I hear the lighter flicking anticipating what you are doing. And feel this warm sensation around my nipple and then the other nipple and feel you mouth around my nipple pure ecstasy. Your hand moves down to my pussy placing a peg on each lip and my clit while finger fucking me. What a sensation. You bring me to the point of climax and remove your fingers. What a tease sir. I feel this warmth on my pussy as the drops of candle wax makes contact with my skin. Mmmmm you rub my dildo up and down my pussy slowly sliding it into my warm wet hole while rubbing my clit driving me into another explosive orgasm. I give you the safe word but you continue for a while, unable to move I slightly arch my back spit the gag out and cry out as I squirt squirt squirt repeating the safe word.

I am spent and ask your sir to please untie me so I can pleasure you. I sit with you bending over me and teach you with my mouth.I lay you down and suck on your nipples you moaning with pleasure telling me how much you like that all the way down to your hard cock and deep throat you while teasing your ass with my fingers. Your moans of pleasure arouse me into an orgasm as you fill my mouth with your sweet cum.

This adventurous exciting play will never be forgotten!!