Written by By Sexy Slutty Me

17 Mar 2017

By now, i have a Fb...that knows how to make me cum . i met him on another site , we met first time and hit it off, i did not want to but then thort, i came all the way here for nothing, hell no.

i undresses and was laying in my black lace an panty on the bed, he removed my thongs and moved to my pussy where he slowly found my well placed clit and started to play with it with his tongue, as he played and sucked it, my body started to move on the bed cause by now im getting wet and horny, i see how his eyes is checking me out whilst eating my pussy..o fuck now he is tongue fucking me, awesum feeling, i just want this the whole time, then he finds my clit button and now he has me going, the feeling is so intense now, by now the feeling is shooting thru my whole body, damn this man can eat a pussy and im not complaining .by now my pussy lips are swollen and waiting for the next move and i know he must have a damn hard on as i cnt see as he was at the bottom eating my pussy, when he was done , damn tht was a hard on, i saw this slender guy with this well erected dick, before i knew it was inside of me, slow movements at first, then it was awesum, sex with a stranger soon to become fb, we did everything, i was on my knees for doggy, i was on top if him..it was awesum

we went to our nawty rooms, we only had an hour in our cuble, just the two of us, damn those sex scenes were never to be forgotton, i got fucked so hard on top i did not know if i was coming or going cause he really knew how to make me cum...this lasted for 2yrs till he broke it off recently, after i let him fuck me in my bed one morning...I respected his wishes, NSA it was all the time,

so life goes on, people chance, people come and go , but life goes on

there is more!

thanks for reading