Written by By Sexy Slutty Me

16 Mar 2017

So i could not wait to start part 2 of Sexy Slutty Me, hope you have read the first part

So here one i place an add on a site to fuck, but not for free, fuck here i wanted to see wots a real slutty whore is like. i place an add on another funky site providing a service. it did not take long after email exchainging , i chose wisely.

ok you can come to my place, but i said it was a friends place, i lead him to an outside room. 37yr married guy just paying to fuck, wtf i think, so decent looking guy, anycase im getting a fuck this morning, i took off my jeans , had no panties on, immediate tuen on for him, wen to lay naked on the bed and he start kissing my breast, we onlynhave an hour. thts wots hes getting...so slender is he, fuck i knw this dude is gonna fuck well,

well as soon as i thort that, his his dick was inside of me, now he was fucking me . slow movements then speeding up ...fuck my pussy was swelling, getting wetter and wetter

this was awesum , this guy has all the energy in the world and imcan handle him, me and my fat pussy of cause...ooh this was heavan, i want to fuck all the time..i turned and kneeled on the bed so tht he can do doggy, damn i only screamed silently by now i was fucking horny and wet. he turned around to lay on his back cause i said i wanted to fuck him....i fucked him deep and hard , i think it was the best fuck he ever had or the best hour...

it was my best hour too...

that was damn nawty housewife part 2

i never did that paying thing again , it was just one of those slutty me ideas at the time

i had enough chockolate mony for a while (giggles)

there are more so stay tuned in for Part 3