Written by By Sexy Slutty Me

12 Mar 2017

by now all i feel is my pussy being pounded by hubby, i feel my pussy lips are swollen by now, i close my eyes and i just love the feeling , slippery wet, my wetness is making some funny noises cause i know i have a very moist wet pussy when it gets pounded without stopping, i close my eyes and think damn, i love my dick but i would like to have another cause the more he fucks me the more i fantasize of another dick...i mentioned it so by the way, oh u want another dick and i get fucked harder, soon the story runs cold, hell no , he wud never want to share me....long story short...

divorced pics me up on a Monday morning, off to his place, he takes off my clothes, takes off my bra, my thong, starts kissing my inner thighs , i feel his tongue coming towards my clit, omg, i can feel my toes curl, i open my legs wider , i run my vingers thru his hair as hes eating my pussy, by now im soaking wet, i press his head more down in towards my pussy cause by now im totally into the fuck thats coming....as he moves to my suckable nipples, he spreads my legs more open , and slowly enters me....damn this is good , he fucks me , we both sweating, its hot outside and damn hot inside, no aircon, fuck this man can fuck hard , im horny by now and want to ride him,, i get on top and slide it in slowly teasing his dick, go deep in and ride him like there was no tomorow....he turned around and doggy styled me, playing with my clit and my breast, we spooned and doggy on his single bed, he fucked me so hard my my whole body almost moved off the bed...we both came together...drop me back home with a swollen lips pussy and my daily chores begin...

And so he was probably no 4 allready, will have to recall

lets leave that for Part 2

Part 2 to follow: