Written by Rockmyworld

05 Aug 2017

My sex life had fizzled out .i thought it was just part of life but it never stopped me enjoying week ends away at a local nudist resort. On my last visit i was accompanied by a male friend. Our first day we spent in the sun by the pool our pale bodies drinking in the suns ray. It makes u feel so lazy and relaxed. We hadnt discussed sex as it was never on the cards as he is with someone else. An early night ensued however i was awaken early the next morning by a hand gently caressing my back followed by butterfly kisses in my neck. I was sure i gasped , it was like mini electric shocks cursing through my body. His hand slid over my hip around my belly and up to my boobs .hus touch so light but so exciting. My body hadn't felt this alive in ages. He rolled me over to face him, we started to kiss his tongue exploring my mouth. I felt like i was experiencing everything for the first time. My body responded naturally. His hand slipped between my legs his fingers parting my lips he began to tease my clit. I pressed my body closer to his. He slipped his fingers into my pussy and commented on how wet i felt. I literally begged him to fuck me but he rolled me back onto my back and parted my legs i felt his warm breath on my pussy and then his tongue began to lick and tease my pussy. My body rippled and shook in sheer orgasmic pleasure . It seemed like forever that he keep licking sending me into multiple orgasms before he changed position and slipped his dick deep inside. He came as quickly as i did. We cuddled and drifted off back to sleep.

We never spoke of the incident and the rest of the week end passed sexlessly but my sexual side has been awoken ... i eagerly await my next adventure .....