Written by swingthisway

29 Jan 2015

This past week has been sexciting. After our sunday night session of passionate love making turning into hardcore sex. We've been at it more times this week compared to other. It's no secret that my wife loves it when I'm between her legs with my mouth just caressing the sweet nectar of her wet pussy. Swirling my tongue in her with a steady pace as her hips starts to move, grinding her pussy against my lips as if it's begging to me to take it with force. With her legs around my neck, I start moving at a faster pace. Swirling my tongue in deeper and harder with my hands on her hips pulling her towards me. By this time she's arching her back with her head tilted to the side as she observes the manner of me worshipping her clit. Flicking it with my tongue and gently caressing her pussy lips with my lips like I'm french kissing it. She reaches her first orgasm with intense screaming. now it feels like her legs is about to crush my skull with each swirl and her hips are grinding more pressure it feels like my jaw is about to dislocate. I let her lift her legs up to the back of her head, as her pussy is filled with her sweet nectar. I start swirling my tongue between her pussy lips in a eight motion. By now my wife is begging me to fuck her, i decide to give her what she wants. Wih my cock throbbing like it's got a pulse, I penerate my cock ino her and start pounding her slow and hard. With each thrust her eyes rolls back and her breathing gets heavier. "Harder harder harder" she screams. By now I'm at a fast pace with her back arched and my hands on her hips. She's reaching for the stars wih her hands in the air and I feel like my heart is pounding through my chest. She reaches another orgasm and demands me to lay on my back. As i did she's ontop of me with her pussy on my face. She starts grinding on rythm of a song playing in the background. And it was at no steady pace. She rides my face like a rodeo with the intention to stay on. By now I'm about to gasp for air as she reaches an intense climax of orgasm that fills my mouth. The best part of it was where she demanded me to swallow it all.