Written by JK

07 Sep 2018

Apologies if this is a somewhat of a long story and somewhat disjointed at parts but Sometimes a guy looses focus.

My wife’s friend joined us for a weekend away. She is going through a somewhat difficult divorce hence her and my wife have gotten rather close. To be fair even before the divorce matter I didn’t care to much for her husband as he just didn’t fit in with all the friends and somehow always made a scene over the smallest things.

We went to the farm and well Candice and her kids were suppose to join but in the end it was just Candice and us. Candice is a a mother of two to describe her in short Brunette, green eyes, very fit and slim and tits are amazing “but then again she had a boob job”. You can see she looks after herself and she has that real girl next door look down. She acts a bit prudish but once she is relaxed she likes to join in on the fun and have a naughty chat and a few naughty chirps.

There we were at the farm all relaxing “I enjoy the bush” my wife is somewhat of a snob and her idea of the bush is Suncity with a game drive and Aircon. We were having fun having a few drinks and my wife was getting a bit touchy feely as the day progressed. They decided to go and tan and I was just enjoying the view in more ways than one. At some point my wife called me a bit of “perv” and asked if I was scoping them out! If only she knew. I went out for a walk and when I returned both were on wine bottle number two and for some reason were topless. This isn’t new for my wife as we do enjoy a spot of nudism. Candice said I hope you don’t mind. I was quick to say if going for a walk meant they lost clothing I would go again. My wife commented that it was somewhat unfair that I got to see some boobs but they got nothing. I laughed it off and slipped away at my drink. Two minutes later my wife asks me to put sun block on. I assist and as I am finished Candice asks my wife the same. Quick as a flash my wife is rubbing sun block on her back and up her legs “hoe stay no sexier sight than two women touching each other like that”. I got an instant hard on and knew I have to conceal it. My wife is playful at the very least and knew this would get me going she asked if I would pour some more wine. I mentioned I would shortly and she asked “What’s wrong babes? Why can’t you get up ?” I thought to myself you sly vixen “ at this point Candice was sitting up and I said “Well to be honest because I have a massive hardon after Watching you two run each other”. I stood up and displayed my hardon. I poured the wine and my wife said “Shame babes you should let him breath a bit”. I said I would if they were okay with it? Candice did protest and actually said I wouldn’t mind as I haven’t seen a cock in a while. My shorts came down and there I sat naked in front of two topless woman. I must have sat for a while until my wife commented and asked whether I need some help to get it to go down ! Candice chirped as well and said come on give us a show. Slightly on my way to a good hangover I thought what the hell and said fine but then you guys have to loose the bottoms. My wife’s bikini bottoms hit the floor in a flash followed by Candice’s to my surprise Candice was completely smooth and there in front of me were two shaved women in all their gorgeous glory. What’s a man to do? I started jerking off and no sooner had I started and the commentary started my wife was rubbing her nipples and pussy at the same time. Candice just feeling up her own tits. My wife jumped up and startled me a bit but she was over on my side in a flash and squaring in front of me and sucking my cock, still rubbing her pussy. Candice sat there playing with her own pussy she moved her chair a bit. At some point she was commenting “Fuck jerk him harder”. My wife looked at her and said to her “You like this don’t you! A little live porn”. Candice just confirmed. I Was trying to hold back as much as possible then my wife went a bit lower and licked my shaft all the way down to my balls. Fuck that drives me insane. She has a bit of routine my wife with bjs and I knew what’s coming next, her fingers trail down to between my nuts and my butt and then she tries to deep throat my cock followed by her touching my butt. In the beginning it freaked me out a bit but now I am totally into it. True to form she followed her method but then mid deep throat she stopped and said she needed me to fuck her. Candice kept rubbing her pussy and tits and honestly I didn’t know where to look or focus as both are gorgeous especially when they in a moment of sexual bliss. My wife bent over holding onto the table an I didn’t really need to play too much but I wanted to so I went down behind her and licked her pussy a bit “she isn’t huge into the oral receiving my wife”. I came up rubbing my cock on her pussy lips and then I started to push into her. In no time I was banging away at her pussy. She lifted her one leg onto the table as well and I was going very deep and the entire table was moving. She was spurring me on and telling me she was close and I must fuck her harder. I was focusing on my wife and myself but then I heard a Candice moaning as she had cummed while watching us this set my wife off and I kept going till my wife pushed me away turned and went down on her haunches. My cock super wet from her pussy. My wife started sucking me and jerking me almost somewhat violently. Candice at this point had also moved closer and my wife took her hand and put it on my cock! She was jerking me much slower and my wife had just gone with the motions. Candice looked up at me and then my wife kissed her I could see their tongues darting in and out they left my cock and carried on kissing each other. I carried on jerking myself off to this gorgeous site. They returned soon enough and Candice opened her mouth and in went my cock. My wife was now all hands on deck rubbing and kissing Candice on the shoulders and rubbing her shaved pussy. I couldn’t anymore and told Candice I am going to cum. She pulled my cock out and my wife said “Can he cum on your tits? Candice nodded in response and I just let rip some of my cum hit her on her face but I just let it fly. My wife didn’t miss a beat and started kissing her rubbing my cum all over. I was still hard and as my wife was going she turned and started to suck me again.

I will send some more through later if the rest of the weekend