08 Mar 2018

Sex on the move

Looking in the rear view mirror I can see the lust and desire on her face. Mouth halfway open, tongue flicking on her lips. Every time her tongue touched her lips they shine with her saliva. His hand is holding a firm breast, and his mouth is sucking on her very hard and erect nipple. Her crop top his pulled down to her waist.

Her skirt pulled up to the waist as well exposes the white silky G String panty that is softly being stroked by the women’s hands, every touch sending a gasp through her wet lipped mouth. I know my wife and the smoky glazed eyes tells me that she is beside herself with lust. Having this women stoking her sopping pussy and the women’s husband sucking on her tit with me watching from the front of the car driving is pushing the levels of desire higher and higher.

She opens her legs wider for the woman to have better excess to her wet pussy. Grabbing the guy behand his head she forces his mouth hard over her tit. She rubs his mouths from one tit to the other, her hand placed over the woman’s hand pushing hard with her mound against their hands.

She has now put her feet on top of the seat and moved her sexy ass down so that more of her pussy is reachable. I could see her hand rubbing the huge bulge in the guy’s pants. The girl face was close to hers and in the rear view mirror I saw them kissing. Tongue’s daring in and out of each other mouths, sucking each other’s tongue’s using it like a cock to fuck each other mouths.

The guy has now released his huge cock from his pants and I could see the nicely manicured and nails with the nail art wrapped around his thick shaft. She turns her face toward him and she stars kissing him with the same intensity as she did his wife.

move the empty passenger seat forward to give them more space. He moves my wife unto his lap and with her panty pulled sideways slips his monster cock into her with a very wet slushing sound. By now my cock is trying to burst free from my pants.

The woman leans forward and starts licking them both while he is inside her. I nearly rolled the car trying to get a good look at what was happening in the back seat. The woman standing on her knees now is rubbing one of my wife’s tits while she is licking them. The guy is making grunting noises and panting loudly. I could hear my wife hissing through clenched teach for him to fuck her hard and deep with his monster cock.

She was very, very wet, and I could hear the sound of their fucking over the noise of the car. The woman was spurring him on to fuck her pussy. She wanted him to shoot his load deep inside my wife while she was caressing his balls. This drove him over the edge and I could hear the grunting moans and screams as they both come at the same time.

The woman come shortly after as she was pounding her pussy with a couple of fingers.

How this came about is not as interesting as what happened when it happened.