14 Jun 2018

Many years back my girl friend and I decided to go to Mykonos for a romantic getaway. She knew someone there and arranged a midweek break and off we went. When we arrive we went at each other in an instant and spent the first afternoon and evening in bed, on the couch and in the shower.

The next morning we decided to go for a walk along the beach. It was warm and windless with very few people around. I had on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt and she had on a white one-piece G-string style swimsuit that just made her sexy arse that much hotter. She also had a sheer sarong around her waist for just the right amount of modesty.

All along the water’s edge we walked hand in hand, running in the sand and skipping in the water. With no one around she removed the sarong and would every now and then bend to look at a shell or just to point her arse in my direction. At every opportunity I would put my arm around her and let my hand slide down her back until it came to rest on her, ultimately, naked bottom. At one point we were walking side by side with my hand on her bottom and her hand in my shorts on my bottom. Soon we started kissing and it was not long before we looked for a place where we could make love.

The beach was deserted with not a sole in sight. The beach was quite flat with a 1m or 2m ridge along its length. We looked at each other and decided that the ridge was the place to be. After spreading the sarong on the slope I kissed and lowered her to the ground. I released her boobs from the confines of her swimsuit and, with my head in her hands, anointed her body with kisses, licks and nibbles. Not wanting to get her completely naked I moved the crotch of her tiny swim suit to one side and proceeded to anoint her pussy with the due care and attention it deserved. No sooner had I started when the first orgasm ripped through her. It was so quick it surprised us both. Now she wanted the real deal and after taking a cursory look around I removed my shirt and lowered my pants and crawled between her legs and entered her. Soon we had a good rhythm going and with her legs around my hips she spurred me on to greater depths. Soon she was asking for more and the harder I drove into her the more she moved away and soon she was off the sarong and gliding effortlessly along the sand on her butt with me crawling behind her thrusting away.

“Houston, we have a problem!” With my crawling after her my knees were kicking sand onto her and soon we were covered in sand, inside and out. Realizing the problem we rolled over and continued, albeit with less thrusting and more rocking to and fro. This was enough for both of us to cum and we lay like that for a while kissing and nattering.

Shortly afterwards we got up, straightened our cloths and set off. We soon realized that we needed to get some of the sand off so we waded into the freakishly cold water and rinsed off. It stung like hell. Once back at our unit I took a shower while she took a bath. I was slightly raw but she was a lot worse. Needless to say that sex was off the cards that night but I was allowed to kiss her pussy better but that just landed up with sand on my tongue.

It is always the good times you never forget!