01 Nov 2017

I have been told by so many that Sex is NOT everything, but if a man cannot fuck me deliciously, then he will never be able to fuck my heart, my mind and especially not, my soul.

“Physical connection is critical to emotional intimacy. When there’s no physical intimacy it isn’t too long before the emotional intimacy goes, too.” ~ Kimberly Graham

We are all sexual creatures - the only animals created to enjoy Sex. We are born from Sex and we spend the majority of our lives, wrapped up in the details of Sex. We are built for touch; for love; and, we are made for those sensual moments that ruin us forever. Sex is as limitless and with the right loving partner, not only is infinite – it is fucking unforgettable.

Sex truly is a gauge for how healthy my romantic relationship is. I am not talking about a “one and done” type situation; I am talking about the type of relationship that changes a person forever. The one that none other can be compared to and after which, life will forever be defined in terms of a "before and after."

To have amazing Sex requires the exact same ingredients as having a healthy relationship. I feel so many times this is overlooked. To be able for me to be heart-fucked, it requires me opening myself to another - a man - and, I cannot do this without trust. Trust is crucial to my sense of well-being and feeling comfortable with another individual.

In order to let someone else into my heart, I need to be able to trust that they would not (intentionally) harm me. I need to not only trust them with my inner-most thoughts and feelings, but my oddities, my sarcasm and the weird parts of myself that most of the world would ever see.

“When you touch someone with your spirit, and they in turn touch your soul with their heart.”

~ Unknown

When I trust fully, I do not just develop an emotional trust - I develop a physical one as well. A physical trust, especially for a woman, is one of the greatest gifts that she can give her lover. A woman cannot really have her body fucked, until she has opened her heart up to be fucked too. To have a physical trust means that she will be open to her lover sexually. Trust in Sex means not only being willing to try new things together, but also willing to let a lover take over her body, to be open to his touch, to let him lead her in the act and let herself orgasm with him.

Many women mistake the inability to orgasm as physical, when in reality, it is usually based in the unwillingness to open emotionally and let themselves - Go. Before I can be heart fucked, I need to make the decision to open myself completely to my lover. To trust my lover in bed means I will trust them in life. I would venture to argue that the trust that is based in being able to have Amazing Sex together is deeper than any other kind of trust. It is relaxed and unrushed; it is laid-back and casual. When Sex happens so effortlessly, there is no need to worry about it.

When I trust someone at this level, I also have patience with them and their individual journey. I respect their life decisions and have gratitude for being able to have them in my life. Maybe this is better than any sort of standard commitment that I am told I am supposed to make.

Although I do have my own thoughts about the unoriginality of white diamonds and dresses, one saying I often hear is that we should all marry our best friend, which I do agree with, but only if that best friend is someone whom makes our heart race and our blood run hot.

“Know this: I have tasted your mind and I cannot forget its flavor.” ~Unknown

Only a best friend whom I can share incredible passion with can ever be capable of mind fucking me. I think too often not only do people underestimate the importance of Sex, but of passion. The passion that a lover demonstrates during Sex is the exact same passion they have for life and will ultimately have for someone they care about.

To me, passion is not something that I am just going to reserve for when I am naked and rolling around with my lover - and I would hope he does not either. I want my lover to be as passionate about life as he is about me. I want him to be passionate about his job, his friends, his leisure time, his hobbies, the food he eats and in creating alone time for himself. I believe that a man, who can be passionate in every aspect of his life, is going to understand and encourage me to be the same. We will feed off each other’s passions and only when that happens, will someone be able to fully fuck me in the most delirious way.

To be able to mind fuck each other means to meet each other mentally and to challenge and inspire one another as well. This is the ultimate level of romantic consciousness. But, to achieve this, we would need to be willing to be honest with ourselves: about our needs, wants and desires. Not those that are just about us personally, but about what we expect from the other person as well. Instead of hiding our differences, we should wear them as badges of honour, because it is proof that we are a unique.

When I am truly passionate about my lover, it is not only to desire his body, his lips and the smell of his skin, but it is to desire his mind - the rush of words over his lips, the way he can create fire in my soul and the mental connection that makes me feel like I have sparks of electricity dancing in my mind. The trick is not to find someone that just makes my blood rush, while we are skin to skin, but to find that man who makes me breathless just walking into a room and whose very being arouses me – The One whom I just cannot keep my hands off of! A man who can fuck me dizzy, by just looking into my eyes. LOL

Every fear, every mistake, every heartache is preparation for that chance to be soul fucked into oblivion. I need to simply let it all out, so that I can let him in.

“Your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.” ~ Charlie Chaplin

Opening my soul to another is the most elusive and most desirable type of connection. The reality is, even if I have opened my heart and mind to someone, not every man can be my Soul Mate, or Twin Flame, who can fuck my soul. I cannot force something that just is not there.

Soul fucking is not just opening myself up to another individual, but it is to invite him inside - to let him wander around the deepest parts of my heart and to let him colour outside the lines of our love. I believes in such magic, even when others think I am crazy for it. It is not having my head in the clouds, but knowing that sometimes, it is the very best of things that are unexplainable. I believes that sometimes, two people really are meant to be together and that sometimes the universe conspires to make it happen...........or not!

It is so easy to be skeptical in the society that we live in, but it takes courage to be an optimist - a romantic optimist - to believe in what cannot be seen, but only felt. When two souls come together that recognize something inside one another, a connection is forged that cannot be broken. It is timeless and does not abide by the rules.

Souls are not aware of what they should or should not be doing; they do not believe in timelines, or what society says about Love. They are unconventional and apart of any norm that we have ever seen. When we meet someone whom our soul recognizes - all fucking bets are off!

To soul fuck is be open, honest, raw and not the least bit perfect. It is to be ruined forever.

I believe Sex is Everything. It is the throbbing life force that drives me in all that I do. It is the lick of lips against juicy and ripe strawberries. It is the way my lashes graze my cheek when I drift off daydreaming; and, it is the bite of my bottom lip, as I think about late red wine nights and sweaty skin.

Sex and physical intimacy are the fire of life and I deserved to be fucked senseless, in every way possible…….And, as often as possible.