Written by sexyrene69

12 Apr 2014

Brad is the GM of a cinema, and I had the opportunity to meet him last week. I was alone at the movies and was a bit irritated with the service, i was told to go and see Brad and lay my complaint with him.

He met me at the popcorn stand and i was taken aback, he is quite a gorgeous man - 1.8m tall, sexy smile and a nice build and his jeans sat on him oh so sexily.

He introduced himself and i told him what had happened. He apologised to me and asked me to come to his office and he will give me free movie tickets as a consolation. I followed him to his office, walking behind him and checking him out.

In the office, he gave me the tickets and he offered me to see any movie for free on that day. I chose to watch Captain America and he offered a ticket for a second person and i replied there was none. I felt embarrassed when he said "a pretty girl like me should not watch the movie alone".

I smiled at him, took the tickets and left for the movie. Surprisingly the cinema was almost empty with a few scattered people around. I chose to sit in the second to last row as everyone else was seated towards the front. The cinema darkened and the movie started when i seen someone walk towards me in the dark. As he came closer i realised it was Brad, smilingy he asked me if i needed company and he's always wanted to watch the movie but didnt get around to it.

I told him its not a problem, but he must get his own popcorn. The movie started and he and i started a conversation, basically i disclosed i was single and he said he is married. i learnt about his travels and likes and dislikes in the first 15 min of the movie. Whenever i looked towards him, he gave me a warm smile and i couldnt help but notice that he was sitting with his legs spread very wide. Listening to him was turning me on and i was squuezing my legs togeter and i think he noticed.

He accidently touched my hands with his and i didnt flinch, i welcomed it. He picked up on this and he leaned towards me and asked if it bothered me when he touched my hands. As he did this, i smelt his aftershave and this man had good taste. I told him it didnt bother me, and i took his hands in mine. He has soft hands and i massaged it with mine

He brought his lips to my neck and started to kiss me, his tongue teasing me, towards my mouth. I opened my mouth and swallowed his tongue, licking and teasing it, lapping up all his saliva. My hands went down to his jeans and i started to stroke him, teasing and playing with him.....