Written by MaybeeBaybee

03 Oct 2016

It's early Sunday morning and I am lying on the leather couch in the lounge , my family still sound asleep after last night's braai with friends . I met someone on a Dating site the day before and I was thinking of him when I felt my phone vibrate. We had a great chat the day before and I was only happy to continue where we left off . Starting off with greeting and small talk ... I was thinking to myself how I crave this sexy man . We exchanged pics and even though he is 14 years older than me he is so damn fine !! The pics he send me really turned me on and when he send a video of him stroking and cumming I felt the need to touch myself . The most perfect cock .... so yummy and just the right size ... perfectly pink head to match the pinkness of my pussy . My hand moved to my shorts and when I touched myself I was so wet ... Our chat soon changed to one of a sexual nature , both expressing our want for each other . I was so turned on and I knew I would cum in record time . When I started stroking my clit I was surprised at how hard and swollen it was . Knowing that he was also touching himself thinking of me and looking at my pics and vid really made me feel so good !! I inserted one finger into my wet pussy and started circling my hips , alternating with moving my hips back and forth . We exchanged a view lines in between and when he beckoned me to cum I put the phone aside and started stroking my clit until I felt the first waves of a very intense orgasm wash over me . As soon as I started cumming I could feel my pussy muscles contract around my finger and I let out a small moan of pure satisfaction . I enjoyed every second and when I felt ready we continued our chat .Both thanking the other we said our goodbyes knowing too well that it's only a question of time ....