05 Sep 2017

So we went for drinks and sushi at one of our usual spots. I remember it was a Friday evening so we were dressed casual, both wearing jeans. As we sitting at the table enjoying our drinks and sharing our naughty little secrets it got the mood going.

We decided to leave as we both got really horny. In the car we made out a few minutes, your lips against mine made me so hard, and the way i slipped my tongue into your mouth and sucked yours into mine was making you really wet . I pressed my body fully against you as i leaned over the hand brake and i could feel my cock straining through the denim. Simply enough the car park attendant had a little peep show of our performance. This turned us on even more, the thought of being watched. I looked at her dreamingly "I want you to fuck me" I stated. We then decided to hit the road so we can continue our session at home.

While i was driving i pulled down her jeans and tight little thong, opening her legs and started playing with her clean shaven pussy while i watched but also concentrating on the road. I looked surprised at first, but quickly recovered when she took my hand and placed it on her now wet pussy. Playing with her while driving made the pussy extremely wet. She started fiddling with my belt and unbuttoned my jeans i looked like all my dreams had come true. Then she nibbled on my ear a little and slowly sank down and as she settled into position, I already had that awesome hard cock of mine throbbing in front of my face. I moaned and she kept her lips wrapped around my hard cock, back and forth, back and forth. I would moan and just fuck her face harder.

She sucked voraciously on my cock. she could feel her own juices making her pussy slippery wet "Oh mmmm mmmm, yeah baby" i granted and bit my bottom lip as she sucked the length of his shaft.

Cars passing by could see what's happening as her hole ass showing, of the way she positioned herself. Suddenly the car came to a stop i looked again and we at home which felt like a 2hour drive. Half naked we quickly made our way into the house forgetting my bag and our phones in the car hehehe...... and we continued our STEAMY session inside.

Interesting night to say the least....