29 Aug 2019

Soooo i had a small farm in the Natal midlands a few years ago. The neighbors wife T and I had an understanding what when either of us needed sexual satisfaction we would call on each other still in the days of BBM. I often used to bend her over in the stables after feeding our horses as she had hers stabled there for a while. These were just quickies but they happened every evening mostly. This normally ended in her squirting down her legs and all over my shoes and jeans. I used to tell the wife i spilt water whilst feeding the horses lol. It also ended in me blowing the most amassing load either inside her or on the ground with her stroking my pussy soaked hardon. She didn't like the taste of cum so it was kind of a waste but still very sexy.

On a few occasions we were allowed to use her friend Mandy's house a few farms away as the hubby worked away from home. Now after one of our steamy fucking and sucking sessions at her friends farm i was driving T back home and she relieved to me that her friend had set up a small cam overlooking the bed we used to use and recorded all our liaisons together. I was shocked but not upset at all. So on my next visit to Mandy's farm to drop some tools off we were chatting over a cup of coffee and the subject came up of T and myself to which i told her I know about the cam and her recording us. She was very embarrassed to say the least but said she very rarely gets to have sex and used to watch the recordings and masturbate on her own. I asked her which was the recording she liked best to which she replied the one where T was riding me cowgirl and squirted all over my chest and face. I was hard by now and needed to do something but i know she was faithful to her husband. I suggested that i stroke my hardon in front of her and she could masturbate while watching me. It started off with me pulling my jeans and undies down and her slipping her panties off from under her dress. We were both pleasuring ourselves nicely and i felt her hand on my cock and next thing her mouth. I was in heaven and warned her i was about to cum. She kept sucking not saying a word and i must have blown the biggest load of cum i ever have into her mouth with her sucking every drop out of my till i went soft.

Over the next few months we used to meet up for a fun session and the closest i ever came to her pussy was sucking on her clit and cumming on her pussy lips but never penetration. I met up with Mandy about a year later and she was now ready to feel me inside her. This happened when a started wanking for her in her kitchen and she bent over, lifted her dress and pulled her g-string to the side. I ate her from behind just like that then entered her doggy. I fucked her hard like that as I've always wanted to and transferred a large load of cum deep inside her. I pulled out when i went soft, went down on my knees and licked her from behind till she came again and my cum running down her inner thighs. We had lots more fun after that till i finally moved to Cape town four years ago.