11 Apr 2016

I met up with a school mate on the weekend and of course old tales came out.

This happened on a train trip to Graaff Reinet many years ago while in high school. We went on a tennis trip guys and girls, obviously we all spent most the time chatting and mixing while our teacher kept to herself. At a decent hour we were told to head off to our compartments so as to get the needed sleep ahead of a full day of tennis. Reluctantly we all trudged off to sleep. I cant remember what time it was, but all was quiet in the carriage and i needed the loo, so off i went only wearing a pair of shorts.

On the way i noticed our teacher's door still open but went to the loo, on returning she asked if i was ok and or couldn't sleep. We started chatting with me in the corridor and her on her bunk. I was invited in to carry on the chat to which obliged.

Being nervous at being with a teacher who was a looker, mid 5foot blond with a super body, i must have sent a nervy message. We chatted about the trip and school and which girls i fancied in the team, when she asked me if i ever look at the teachers. I admitted that i did look at some and my shyness obviously showed. She hit me with a wammer when she asked if i looked at her, fumbling for words i said i did as she was one of our coaches.

That's when my nerves really started, cause she asked if she looked better in a skirt or pants, skirt was the answer cause she had a great pair of legs. She then tells me that she thought i was a boob guy as she has seen me looking at her boobs when coaching. With that she stood up and been quite short her boobs were almost at face height with me sitting down.

She was wearing a strap top with 3/4 pants and no bra as she was ready for bed. I was asked if i liked her boobs, man they were a good handful of firmness a stammering yes came out. She closed the door and asked me to touch them which i did, shit firm hard nipples immediately, she simply stood there and let me play till her top came off. She led me to what she wanted, licking nibbling sucking and gentle sqeezes. She warned me of this being kept a secret, by now my dick was noticeably hard and showing. Now she was coaching me as to her pleasures and not tennis, she pulled me up and dropped my shorts, took my dick in her hand and gently stroked it. with that she turned me around and she sat down. Gently she slid her lips over me and started to slowly suck me off, god this was going to end soon as the build up was so good. She took all of me in her mouth and man it was good.

Her pants came off exposing a beautifully trimmed fanny and natural blond at that. i was guided to her mound and told to slowly lick her exposed clit. I liked her coaching skills as she guided me as what to do and at what speed, i was probably going at a 100kms. After what seemed like forever she grabbed my head and exploded in my mouth, she said she needed more and off i went again sucking her fanny into my mouth and rotating my tongue around her clit till she blew again. Remember i was a school boy eating one of my school teachers i was in fanny heaven.

She said that she was going to repay me what she described as a master orgasm. With that she started sucking me again, she could obviously feel the pressure cause she slowed down to let me recover. After a couple of times she said she wants me to come in her mouth and didn't stop this time. I blew what i thought was a bucket full into her cause her mouth was full and dripping out the sides. After a while of playing and very nice boob caressing i was rock hard again. She climed on and rode me like there as no tomorrow. Man there is nothing like it being used by yr teacher like this. Older than you and far more experienced. She fucked me with those awesome boobs bouncing in my face,shit i was in tittie heaven, Then with me on top asking me to fuck her hard, we did it doggie style and any way we could.

When i told her i was going to come again she simply kept pushing as i exploded in to her.

The next day was quite strange as i felt nervous, she spoke to me as if nothing happened. During the luch break she told me how she was going to fuck my brains out on the trip back, this happened till we got back into PE.

I managed to have the privilege of fucking her during the rest of my matric year.

Often after training i would eat her before she left for home or she would sneak a blow job and mostly swallow or let me come all over her boobs. If only the male teaches knew i was getting fucked by her instead of them. She was awesome and something ill never forget, i think thats why my ex still came for a good licking after our divorce.I was taught well.

Thanks Miss