Written by Subdue

03 Jun 2014

It is 09.00 am and after a hot night and an early unexpected juicy wake up call, I need a cup of coffee. With nothing more than wearing a sleeveless shirt that is not covering more than just the breasts I walk to the kitchen. I boil the water and whisk a couple of eggs for breakfast. I pour the water on the ground coffee and let it filter into the pot. Just when I want to fry some bacon, I feel someone behind me… You grab my breasts and play with my nipples while pushing your ever hard manhood against my bum. I lay my head on your shoulder and enjoy the intense feeling of pleasure. My horny badger is ready again, again for more adventure. You bend me over the stove and push my legs aside…. I will wetness running down my legs… What is it with this man? He makes me wild and turns me into a nymph….

Your one hand moves from the nipple to my pussy and you rub my swollen clit, while blowing hot air in my ear… Goose bumps… I want to turn around and kiss you, but you don’t me. Your cock is rubbing my little hole… Oh no honey I am not ready for that yet I want to say, but you don’t accept NO for an answer. And you keep on rubbing me, while in rhythm you keep moving up and down till my little hole is wet as well. When you think I am ready, you push….I scream when it pops inside. You hold still to let the pain subside…. But you never stop rubbing my clit….. Then you start pumping… softly, while 2 fingers slide into my pussy… I am burning with desire and cannot stop. I know I am going to cum and hard and full with moisture… I let myself go, go with the waves of lust. I feel my knees getting weaker; my breathing gets shallower, so horny, so wet….. slowly that gut feeling in my belly gets stronger. With a husky voice I tell you that I am going to cum, which excites you and you go faster….. Then I see light flashes, I moan loudly, I feel warm moist leaving my pussy…wetting your hand and the floor. I shake, riddle and roll…… Wave after wave. You hold me tight and let the orgasm subside. Then you move again, faster and full of hunger. I know you like a creamy ass…… I feel you getting harder and harder, I feel you pulsate and then…. Warm cum fills my back while you let out a scream of pleasure and satisfaction. When we are dead still in each other’s arms you slowly retract from me. You turn me around and look me deep in the eyes before you kiss me and cuddle me.