25 Mar 2017

Today he is getting married .

His wife to be is having his baby

Almost 5 years he was my lover .

It started April 2012

After seeing me on a dating site

He pursued me by email

Just the person ive been looking for all my life his praises loud and pleasing to my soul.I will never let you down like other guys and so on with words that made me laugh like a teenager .

So we were lovers .A great lover .

We explored many things .

We would sit in my tiny garden just talking our heart out .

He reckoned there is a special bond tying us .

He would come at all hours at times carrying his wine or beers .

What he loved about me I never questioned why the late hour .

One night wine in hand said he had a fight with girl friend

He related it to me .

I didnt know he had one so our conversation detoured a bit .

Shit happens was his comment

Then asked if I would be his lover .

I agreed alls fair in love and war.

We continued and then he confided a lot about her the kids etc.

I am good for that.

Then last year he told me that they were buying a house in June .

I knew it was the foundation for other things to come.

I didnt worry .We tried to break it of without success

So she was going away with her kids to visit family .

He planned that I should come to his house and spend the night.

He fetched me and I spent the night A raptourous night.

A roaring fire added to the ambience .

Early morning he took me home .

He did feel guilty but I had never spent a night with any man in my life except my husband when married .

Can you imagine how youthful I felt . I was 70 and he 38.

No guilt on my part .

This happened one more time but he came to me .

We continued with love making until January and

We decided to stop .

He got engaged in the new year ..He said she wanted a ring .

Communication ended .

Then this week he mailed.

Sorry i dropped of the map for a while I am getting married on Saturday which is today Other thing is we are having a baby in 6 months time .

Although happy for him

I do feel the loss .

That is why i dont entertain guys with gf or a wife .

I am the extra leg .the 3rd party .

Although I was happy with him my heart never ached until this moment writing about it.

I am a practical person who doesnt wear blinkers and knew I was the fiddle.the side salad the other woman

.I knew he would not be with me forever..?