08 Jan 2019

We in the pool ur legs wrapped around my waist hovering through the water we stop against the wall , I’m dead sure you can feel it I see the arousal in ur eyes, you feeling my semi hard cock bobbing against ur virgina over ur bikini bottom growing harder...

you rub ur head over it slowly lowering my swimming shorts to get it free , you squeeze it while I whisper softly in your ear “ you know how good this is going to feel deep in you “ while this couple behind you is in clear view not knowing what’s happening right in front of them ....

WI move your bikini to the side and you slip my now hard throbbing cock into your wet juicy pussy , you close your eyes and your head falling slightly back with the pleasure you feeling. I pump in and out of you slowly trying not to attract any attention. I pull your head over my shoulders and breath on your neck while I’m pumping in and out of you , I see those naughty eyes staring at me , it’s starts raining and it’s not like we care ...

the suns almost down getting dark quickly now .while my hard cock is planted deep in you , I move to the corner of the pool where hardly anyone can see ... you moan with every move I make towards there . Give you a few hard pumps and pull out ... you wonder why , and ask me to please put it back in . I deny you and see the disappointment in your eyes , you ask me again and I say no while rubbing it between your puffed pussy lips ,I them push 2 fingers in you and whisper in your ear “there’s more instore for you” your eyes roll with pleasure , I move back and get out of the pool and with my eyes I signal you to get out too and follow me .

We strolling to the room , you walking in front while I admire your sexy ass plotting in my mind what I’m going to do to you when we get to the room ?

While entering the room you about to close the door I push you with a little force against it as it closes hold you by your wrists with one hand above your head and kiss you hard and passionately, you moan ever so slightly, trying to get your hands loose I look you in the eye and tell you how I’m going to blind fold you and tie you up .

I let you go and get my rope and folds summoning you to the bed room , the rooms really dim curtains closed , I come up behind you and run my bottom wet lip on your next up to your ear while I squeeze on your ass cheek and the other hand stripping off the ties of your bikini .

I lay you down on the bed , knees up and tie you wrist to your ankles . Push your legs up so you puffed pussy lips are exposed , sucking my finger wet and run it up and down between you lips and press and rub your clit abit and run it up and down again , I move away go around the bed and put the folds on for you ... I disappear for a few minutes... you probably wondering what’s going on , next thing you feel something cold on your skin... painting certain spots with Nutella including your clit ,knowing all your sensitive spots on your soft skinned body .

I start licking it off , you can’t do much for your self though and you can’t stop me.

I’m in full control, as I lick and suck on your sexy body you move In all directions helpless .

I leave your clit for last as I enjoy the best last .

I run my tongue between your lips starting at the bottom up to your chocolate covered clit lapping up abit at a time devouring your pussy lips now and then and back up to your clit trying to keep you still ... I move up to your pointy nipples and suckle on them and nibble on the tips you moaning with pleasure as I rub my tip on your clit and between your lips

Push it in just a little and pull it out and rub it on your soaking wet clit then I push ur legs further up and push my throbbing hard cock deep in you and fucking you in and out faster and harder and the pace pics up , you screaming with moans and making me more excited I start really fucking toy harder that you can hear my sack slapping against you with my hand pressing against your neck you start screaming louder I’m sure everyone outside nearby can hear you I pull out and wait a few seconds , you beg me to put it back in you “ please push your hard thick cock back in me please I need you in me I need you to fuck me harder “ I running it between ur lips and press it hard against ur clit .... and it slips right in I push it deeper and pull it out and push it in again and deep in and out in and out and I pull out .... again you say “ please I beg you fuck me now I need you to now I’m gna explode if you put it in now “ I go down and start eating licking and sucking on ur clit . Again I put my cock in you ever so slowly going in deeper and deeper I pump you a few more times and u scream in ecstasy as you cum and I follow soon there after and explode a full load deep into you wet pussy ... I pump a few more times . I pull out making my May to your face and guide my still hard cock to you mouth and like 2nd nature you open wide and starting sucking on it tasting a mixture of my and your cum I can see how much enjoying it ... I push it deeper and keep it there for 2-5 seconds and pull out a little so you dnt choke on it .

I untie you and laying with you in my arms head on my chest