10 Jul 2016

Our first time

My wife Sandy and I, after about 6 months of openly talking about it (I had been thinking about it for quite a bit longer), decided to dip our toes into the forbidden lifestyle of swinging. I don't think I can recall a period during our time together (over 25 years) where our sex life went to a completely new level. I had opened Pandora's box and wasn't sure if I could ever close it again (even if I wanted to).

We started by setting up a couple profile on the site, and set about nervously exploring, initially looking for a suitable couple. We found, as I am sure most couples have, that finding a couple where all parties click to be almost impossible. I had always had a fantasy of watching Sandy with another guy, and she seemed keen on this as well - so we agreed that we would look at single guys as well. After a few online chats, we settled on a divorced guy who lived a bit of a distance away - but was a pilot, and seemed keen to fly over... The chat went on for a couple of weeks, and then a date was arranged when he would come up one Saturday - I would meet him at the airport, then off to a coffee shop to meet Sandy - and if all went well....

Our first real experience of being messed around then took place....he went quiet the day before and we never heard from him again!! Lesson 1 learnt - how green we were. Sandy reacted quite badly as she had been very open and honest with him, and allowed him to explore her mind in the build up - and I thought our explorations were over....

I quickly returned to the site, knowing I had a very short window of opportunity, to find another suitable candidate. That's when I came across John - a married professional who was also new on the site - looking for some discrete fun. We had not considered a married man as we had a rule about this - but reality was that there are a lot of married guys out there who are going to break their wedding vows - and I knew we would be "safe" for him as there was no chance of him leaving his wife for Sandy. We also saw him as a safe bet for the obvious reasons - he had more to lose than us.

Once we were comfortable, I gave him Sandy's number and they started chatting. Well I could tell from the sparkle in her eyes, and the constant smiles when she saw a message from him that they had hit it off. The key - as I am sure most ladies will agree, was the mental connection. She had seen a couple of pics of him - which although not clear, were enough for her to tell that he was attractive.

So Sandy and John chatted for a couple of weeks until our next opportunity to visit his part of the world. We booked into our favorite hotel in Jhb and set up a coffee meeting with him one Saturday morning. The anticipation for both of us was amazing - they were chatting constantly about what might happen - an amazing turn on. Sandy told me on the Friday that our usual Friday night fun was not going to happen that day as she wanted to be "ready" for her meeting.

John arrived just after 9 in the morning, and we met him in the lobby for coffee. He was a really nice guy, although visually nervous. He was clearly taken by Sandy and couldn't keep his eyes off her. We had our secret sign organized in case she wasn't interested - and I kept looking for it - and the realization that she wasn't going to give the sign - which meant that she was happy to move to the next stage was absolutely mind blowing!! I then made an excuse that I needed the loo and left them alone for 5 minutes - this was part of the plan for Sandy to be able to chat to him alone and see how he felt. When I came back they were chatting away merrily. I then interrupted and asked whether they wanted to go somewhere more comfortable. John responded that he would be very happy to if Sandy was. Sandy nodded and smiled. I suggested then that they go off up to the room, and that Sandy would call me when they were ready for me to come up.

The two then got up and left - and I remained with my coffee and my iPad to spend time surfing the web, reading news etc. I must say, I found it extremely difficult to concentrate on anything - my mind kept turning to imagining what was happening upstairs. I sent Sandy a what's app to check she was OK - and got a response a few minutes later just to say they were in the room. My imagination went into overdrive trying to imagine what they were doing at that very moment. I wondered whether they would spend time chatting and trying to figure how to take the next step, or whether they had just got on with it. I spent the next 10-15 minutes waiting for my time to go up. The anticipation was excruciating as I kept wondering what this strange man was doing with my wife - and the thought that he might be fucking her (her first cock other than mine in more than 20 years) was almost more than I could bear.

I could wait no longer and made my way up to the room. I had my own key card - my heart felt like I was running a 100m sprint, and I could hear my heart beat in my ears. I waited outside the door to see if I could hear anything - and then put the key card into the door and heard it unlock. I gently opened it - I could hear a noise in the bathroom, and I went in to the room - and found Sandy on the bed - wearing only her underwear. She looked at me and whispered that I should give them some more time - he was in the bathroom - so I quickly nodded and made a quick exit.

I went back downstairs and then went outside to have a cigarette - and paced around wondering what to do next. After another cigarette my phone rang...it was Sandy - and I could hear from her voice that she breathless - and she just said "you can come up now" - wow - I needed to adjust my trousers to hide the obvious fact that I was hugely turned on. I went straight back up, and this time did not hesitate to go into the room. The room was dark as I went in, and I could hear the familiar sound of my wife's gentle moans which she does when I am fucking her. I gently closed the door and quietly went past the bathroom into the bedroom.

There was Sandy - on her back, legs open and pulled up, with John on top of her, clearly moving in a way that clearly told me that he was deep inside her. I could hear their lovemaking noises and I knew she was as wet as she can get. I quietly moved closer and crouched at the end of the bed so that I could see what was happening - and that is when I witnessed my wife being fucked by another guy for the first time. My cock was straining in my trousers, so I undid the button and fly to get it out, and gently rubbed myself - I don't think my cock had ever been so hard.

I watched his cock going into her pussy - and could see as he pulled out that it was glistening with her juices - a good indication that she was in almost constant orgasm - there was a towel underneath her bum - and I could see a large wet patch had formed - she was clearly in 7th heaven. I drew back and watched for a bit. They talked quietly and then he withdrew, and she turned over so that he could take her from behind. I was mesmerized watching this "live porn" with Sandy as the main actor. He started to pound into her from behind and she started to moan deeply and push her backside up and towards him - her sign that she wants it hard and deep. I then watched as he increased his pace - and the noise levels increased as he drove into her - and their bodies slapping together with each stroke. I then heard him start to groan deeply as he started to cum - and another 10 hard strokes ensued as he came inside her (he was wearing a condom thank goodness!). He then pulled out and moved away - and I suddenly thought "oh no - it's over and they have only been going half an hour".

I asked him if he was OK - and he replied that he was and that he had thoroughly enjoyed it. I asked if he was finished, and he responded that Sandy was so sexy, that he would be ready to go again in 10 minutes. Wow! I asked if I could take over while he had a break - and he smiled and said - well she is your wife - so your right!. I dropped my pants and moved into position behind her. She hadn't changed position - I could see she was just trying to recover from what had just happened. She was so wet that I went straight in - and her body just started to respond all over again. It must have taken less than 2 minutes for her to start orgasming again - and once she started - it just continued - and I could feel her pussy clenching my cock as she went through waves.

I fucked her for about 5 minutes - but didn't want to come - so pulled out and asked if he was ready to go again. I could see that he had gone a little soft, so I suggested that I leave them to it. There's were no objections, so I got dressed and left a couple of minutes later.

Well - I had finished 2 coffees and probably half a packet of cigarettes when I got a whatsapp from Sandy about an hour and a half later to say she was on her way down. Amazing - they had basically spent 2 and a half hours together - and I was dying to know what happened after I left (and of course before I arrived). She joined me and ordered coffee - and said that John had left to go back to work. I asked how she enjoyed it - and she just smiled and said it was amazing. She gave me some highlights about how nervous he was when they first got to the room - and that they had just kissed and cuddled by the time I came up initially - and then after I had left the first time, she had decided to give him a blow job - and that really got things going - after that lust took over.

After I had left the second time, they took a shower together, where she sucked his cock in the shower (a fantasy of hers) and then spent at least an hour fucking in all sorts of positions. He came a total of 3 times and said that if he didn't need to get back to work, could have gone again. Later that evening, I made her tell me everything to the last detail as I claimed my recovery fuck - again absolutely mind blowing.

Sandy has met John a few times since - but those are stories for another day....