Written by Allan

14 Jan 2017

My wife of eight years and I very recently drove down to Cape Town to spend time with friends and family over the festive period. We’re both in our mid-thirties and both take a lot of pride in the way we look after our bodies and general appearance.

As part of the time spent in Cape Town, we agreed to do two very fun and sensual activities… one, visit Sandy Bay, soak up the sun there and enjoy the freedom, and two, visit the local swingers club in Table View. Well, we did both and had an awesome weekend.

My wife has been gymming for a few months now and she’s looking good. On top of that, she spent a considerable amount of time selecting attractive, sexy garments for the weekend… for the beach and for the club. She also ensured that she was as smooth as she could possibly be for the weekend.

Sandy Bay… lots of people… but mostly surfers early on and many clothed men. We agreed on spending the day on the big rocks that separated the smaller from the larger beach. It was a dark of complexion guy’s lucky day… as we chose a spot in his view and he was (at the time) alone there. When we arrived, he was fully dressed. We didn’t bother ourselves, as the spot was comfortable, free of sand blowing in our faces and we had views across both the small and large beaches.

In an instant, my wife undressed, got comfortable, took out the sun cream and her book, and settled down, lying flat on her back. After doing the necessity of rubbing cream into her skin, she lay completely back and started reading. I made it clear while we drove to Sandy Bay, that if the opportunity presented itself, she’d spend a large amount of time with her legs slightly apart and give the guys (and girls) a beautiful view of her shaven splendour. And that’s what she did. Before anything else, our guy across from us was undressed and surely started enjoying the fact that he seemed to have the freedom to enjoy the view of my wife without me (or her) getting upset. I hid his erection all the time, or so he thought. He touched, rubbed, and moved around so that I couldn’t see him do so… but I did and I got my own erection as a result… knowing that he was enjoying himself at the site of my wife’s nudity. There was nothing more than that… other than some men walking about, having a look, and moving on… throughout the rest of our day there. But my wife felt so at ease, so comfortable… and she followed my instructions when I asked her to open up, or raise one leg or lie flat with both legs down and apart. I loved Sandy Bay.

Saturday night was swingers’ club night… another wonderful occasion. We have never visited a club before, and loved what we saw. There certainly were a few very attractive ladies with tall, slender and shapely bodies… some very exhibitionist ones and others really just loving sex. My wife and I enjoyed ourselves in the Jacuzzi, shower, and moved around in our towels, as did everyone else. Very erotic. Very sexual. We spent time in the private rooms, and watched several couples enjoying each other. We didn’t, for this night, hook up with others… but instead made the most of the eroticism for ourselves.

Gorgeous weekend… one to be repeated soon enough.