Written by Stallion84

07 Oct 2017

It was about this time when I came across and advert on the site for a hotwife fantasy. I sent a pm and introduced myself in the hope that mine would somehow stand out and cut through the masses of mails on here that such profiles no doubt attract

Lucky for me it did and a reply came through and after a short exchange on here we turned to whatsapping. It was vacation time and both she and the family were travelling as well as me so we ended up chatted a bit and even having a steamy chat session over whatsapp one day with pics exchanged. Wow she was stunning, pics her her in a bikini and hubby and her playing with a toy had me very eager to meet.

Once the festive season was over and our busy schedules become routine again, we made plans to meet up. I sat at the bar of the hotel waiting and hoping they weren't going to end up cancelling as she apologies that they were running a bit late with sorting out the kids. My wait however wasn't in vain as eventually she said they in the uber and a short while later in walked a stunning blonde wearing a short black dress and showing off a body to die for (especially after kids). We exchanged a peck on the cheek and brief hug before sitting down and ordering a drink. She mentioned that hubby was tagging along and would just keep an eye out from the other side of the room but he was just there to watch.

We proceeded to make small talk for what was about probably and hour before she messaged hubby asking if all was okay and if perhaps we could head home. Since I had driven there, I offered to drive us all back to their place which to her sounded like an excellent plan as she could sit up front with me and have a bit of fun on the way back. We jumped in and it wasn't long before I she had her hands down my pants and I had my hand down her skirt (thank goodness for an automatic car). Rubbing and stroking each other with the occasional kiss when stopped at a robot, with hubby watching and enjoying from the back seat for what was about a 15 min drive to their place.

When we got to their place, they went ahead so that she could change into something "more comfortable" and he could sort out the baby sitter and send her home. After a bit I was lead into the kitchen by hubby and offered something to drink while we awaited Mrs to join us again. After a bit she came back down dressed in a stunning white lingerie number that made my jaw drop! She joined for a drink and we touched each other for a bit and kissed some more before hubby said maybe we should head upstairs to the bedroom.

On arrival she undressed me, pulling out my rock hard cock and going down on her knees and starting to suck me off. I love getting head and so I held her hair back while she sucked and took my cock deep into her mouth. After a minute or two of pleasure it was her turn. I picked her up again and put her on the bed with legs spread. Positioning myself between her legs where I started to slowly kiss and lick around her clit before focusing my tongue and attention on it. Working slowly at first but building up a rhythm and inserting a finger into her I licked, sucked and fingered her until the breathing and moaning built up to an explosive orgasm. I must admit I really love the feeling of a women's vaginal muscles clamping down on my fingers inside of her as I watch her cum.

At this stage I couldn't take it any more and my rock hard cock needed to be inside her. Playing it safe, I slipped on a condom and proceeded to each my cock into her wet and eager pussy, hearing her gasp and moan as I slide into her. Again, slowly at first before building up momentum and pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her while grinding my pelvic bone against her to ensure I get her clit with each thrust. After some time of this, I pulled out, made her follow me off the bed before picking her up against pushing her against the bedroom wall (something she had said she had never tried after I said that's what big arms are most useful in the bedroom for). Sliding my cock into her pussy, I fucked her up against the wall and sucked her hard nipples until while we enjoyed the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her. After a bit of this we moved back to the bed so I could take her from behind, one of my favorites, fucking her while she played with her clit and feeling her shudder as she came again. At that point I couldn't control myself and I shot my load as I too orgasmed.

After such a good workout we took a break and we chilled for a bit, hoping for another round. Unfortunately because it was already quiet late and fearing one of the kids will wake up we decided to call it a night. Thankfully though it wasn't the last time we saw each other and definitely one of my funnest and most memorable experiences in the lifestyle.