Written by Anon

19 Apr 2018

... the words of samantha, moaning for me to fuck her still rang as loud as the sound of thunder in my mind... I lifted up my hands placing them on her inner thighs, staring at each other , she looks with a slightly visible bitten lip, as if she waiting in anticipation to feel my throbbing cock slide inside her. I knew I would slide inside cause after my tongue had been tasting her , and sweet love juice taste still lingering on my tongue.... I edged forward... my tip parting her lips slightly .... I eased back and let my shaft slide past but pushed hard over her clit... moaning she grumbled.... "dont tease, your

Tongue has already teased enough I want to feel you deep inside "... I couldnt any more I just had to feel inside her too... slowly I pushed... feeling her warmth wrapped around my hard cock now , edged deeper, inch by inch , slowly ... but with each inch I pushed inside her her breathing quickened, till I was completely inside her, she quickly grabbed her own kneee spreading herself wider , giving me a bit more depth inside her , dam it felt so warm tight and every bit as I had imagined, seeing her nipples so hard from being placed into the state of hornyness, we both were grinning deep inside each other... this was exactly how my mind had thiught it would be ... I began to thrust firmly , not fast but firm hard deep strokes, building up a nice smooth rythym, our bodies began moving and turning and without missing a beat we were in doggy position, with the smooth flowing moments my balls began to swing tapping against her clit with each thrust and I think it was this constant tapping, the sound of skin slapping against skin, the smell of sex in the room , all was part of Samantha build up cause I began to feel her muscles tighten around my shaft, I could see her juices becoming more as I pulled back my shaft was glistening from her juices ... then her body just started shaking , uncontrollable a shudder , her moaning turn to swearing , oh fuck jeeesh ... and some words I couldnt understand, it was as if her pleasure was on the point of pain ... then I felt it ... my own body was about to break... I couldnt hold back , I let my body overtake my mind , I went into a pumping pounding frenzy, then it grew , Samantha who had just climaxed was now being pounded harder and faster , she grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling them apart , omf letting me really go faster harder and alot deeper, shit I felt myself cum, deep inside her we could both feel the hot sticky cum fill her up , the sweat beading down our bodies. Was the best climax ive had in ages, my whole body shook , my cock was burning from pleasure, swollen , when I pulled out I was still rock hard ready for more... needless to say we took a breather had a smoke... then a smile and we went for another few rounds before sunrise