Written by Anon

17 Apr 2018

Names changed for privacy reasons.

I had noticed Samantha profile on a few occasions on my home page, her profile intrigued and her photos very alluring, sensual and sexy and keeping alot to the imagination .

Had chatted to her numerous times but never really got off topic of general speaking matters, however things changed one week . And heated up rapidly when a the topic of meeting up came up in conversation. Well after few change of appointments and re arranging kids we were ready to meet. It would be very public and where a few mutual acquaintances would be with so we knew it wouldnt be at all awkward.

The day arrived, the nerves shot but the lust and urge to meet far outweighed the scary nerves.

There she was laughing and amongst a few familiar faces... greetings all around , a wry smile to each other as we greeted for the first time in person... not being able to read minds and hoping Samantha wasnt reading mine, cause she would have either bolted or taken me on the table right there at knowing my thoughts...

A few drinks down, and the crowd thinned out, and she suggested I join her for a evening cup of coffee at her place... and frankly a decent cup of coffer would have been just perfect at that point . The beer wasnt exactly the best choice to indulge in .

So following her driving to her place not too far from the meeting spot , parked , worried about making a noise but she assured me the house was empty and that we were alone... thoughts raced past the coffee at that point. Going inside, she casually placed her keys down after locking the door, and moved to the kitchen, I went to the lounge , still a bit uncertain I heard a voice " sit down make yourself comfortable just going to make coffee quick , and are you hungry?" Slightly peckish I replied that a nice snack would be great with the coffee.

Noise of the coffee stirring ... fridge opening closing... then as my eyes looked up ... there was samantha, naked and holding a cup of coffee... her only words... here is your coffee and I hope you like the snack?

Mouth watering , mind racing , I quickly placed the coffee on the table and said the coffee to hot to drink now , I would prefer to have the snack now .... to be continued....