Written by paulus

10 Jan 2014

Been trying to get a gap to put this episode on the site.

I November last year i was sent to Cologne in Germany for a training stint. No issue, although 5 weeks away from home is a bit much i like to travel and meet new people. My company booked my flights and hotel etc so of i went. i was met in Frankfurt by my German counter part Dieter and we set of on the drive to Cologne. Dieter and i had met often, either when he was in SA to assist or when we where on companies yearly incentive tours. i was shocked to see Dieter though as he had been in a nasty car accident and had lost a lot of weight and was using a crutch to walk. typical German would not let me drive and insisted he was ok!! On the drive to Cologne we talked, caught up and had a laugh, against all popular belief Germans do have a sense of humor, a good one and Dieter knew all the dirty jokes i could think of and a few more!! needless to say the drive went like a blink!

We pulled into Cologne and our company had pulled out all the stops and we where staying in the Hilton!! Magic, central and a top notch hotel! We were to meet to go to an awards evening with the rest of the training group and the European guys wives / partners would be there as well, shit playing possum day 1!!! never mind it was a company dinner and i would be able to drink myself shitless, it was Friday and i would have the weekend to recover.

We ate the awards where handed out, i got one which seemed to tie up with why i was summoned to the training course. Anyhow everyone seemed to be having a great time, luckily i was not the only "singleton", the drinks flowed and the night was a real success. We left the restaurant and all the younger people and couples where making their war to a nightclub, Dieter waited to ensure i knew the walk back to the Hotel, seemed not everyone was in the Hilton. He had introduced me to his wife Sabine earlier in the evening and we started to walk, the two of them to the nightclub and after a long flight me to the hotel. As we made our way in front of the Dom, the big Gothic cathedral in Cologne, they held each other, Dieter hobbled on his crutch and we laughed. Time for me to say good night and go my way to the hotel, them to the night club when they stopped, spoke in German which i did not understand and smiled at each other. Dieter asked me to go to go with them, although he said they would not be joining everyone else at the night club. i agreed but had no idea what they had been talking about although they where both smiling and holding each other tightly, i suppose the drink stopped me thinking too much more!!

We stopped in the main shopping street outside an un marked pink shop and the talked a bit more, i tried to excuse myself, i knew where i was and how to get to the hotel and thought it early enough that i could watch a porno, have a wank and get some sleep, they said no, they wanted me to go inside and join them. No problem and in we went.i was in for a shock, the shop was the local adult shop, lots of viewing booths, posh new booths, not like our hardwood divides with a garden chair for company!! these has nice seats that could hold a couple, the machine took coins and you could choose one of about ten movies.Dieter apologized and asked if he could explain but Sabine was in a cubicle and wanting coins, Dieter laughed and i followed. this could be fun!!! we tried to fit three in the cubicle but it was not easy as we floated, Dieter still tried to explain but was not getting around to telling me anything as Sabine was getting herself in every cubicl and demanding more to drink.

i need to stop here, Sabine is about ten years younger than both Dieter and myself,shoulder length dark hair and was dressed to kill!! a short skirt, a side slit that allowed her thigh to be in full view, a nice white blouse that showed her ample tits and a smile that had had my attention all night.

anyway Dieter went to the guy at the front, no idea what was said but Dieter pointed up to the stairs, we went up to find a room full of every type of toy i could think of, there was another pay point and Dieter paid, we went up another flight of stairs and we found ourselves in an adult theatre with more seat than at our local ster kinekor at home!!!

we made our way to a row of seats an Dieter said i must make my way down the row, Sabine followed, Dieter left!! he returned a few minutes later with some drinks but sat behind Sabine and myself!! still no idea what they where up to.

the movie was playing, a threesome, pretty hot as well, Sabine crossed her legs, i got an eye full of her thighs!! shit five weeks away from home and my friends wife getting me fucking hot on night one.


i looked around, one other couple, she was bent over giving the guy a blow, her arse up and g string showing!!

i could feel my dick getting harder, too hard and the more i watched Sabine, the movie and this couple, i was soon full erect!!

the next thing nearly made me cum in my pants, Sabine opened her legs, pulled her skirt a little, not enough to show me anything , and started to rub herself, Dieter was looking over my shoulder!

what the hell? then Sabine put her hand on my thigh, Dieter left, more drinks, Sabine downed one but Dieter had brought two each.

i asked looked at Dieter his wife's hand now on my crotch, he nodded. i put my hand on her thigh and worked up to her soaking wet pussy!! bald was and wide!! i downed my dop and moved around to sink to my knees and muff dive Sabine. After a few minutes Dieter said to me i must fuck Sabine, shit all my christmases and birthdays in one!! i stood up dropped my pants and pushed my rock hard dick in his wife!! Dieter was fondling her tits, still from the row behind us. Sabine stopped me, took of all her clothes, sat me down and rode me like she had not been fucked in years. it took all the drink and my will power not to cum too quickly, we moved around a few times, Dieter got close but nothing more than a feel of Sabines stunning tits or a full on french kiss, not even having his dick out and playing with himself.

i was about to cum, both Dieter and Sabine where talking to me, they wanted me to pull out and shoot on Sabines bald pubic area and stomach, i did as they asked, so much cum, i could not remember when i last shot so much.

The other couple had long finished but where watching us, we dressed and left the cinema. Dieter explained to me that since the accident he could not get a hard on so Sabine was as cock hungry as she could be, i was someone who she wold not see every day, someone she could use and he was happy as he knew i wouldn't tell anyone!

needless to say that over thenext few weeks, Sabine travelled to Cologne every weekend, the company should have saved the money and made us share and we fucked, sucked and enjoyed each other until i returned home.

i can not wait until i need to go there again!! whilst i hope Dieter recovers i am more than willing to help out if he does not!!