Written by lovechannel69

03 Jan 2018

been on here a while and think this is my second story only? dont usually want to write about a good fucking but my oh god what a time i had with what I will call the Rynfield four (oops its in benoni for those who dont know the east)

i was on line answering messages feeling the need for a cock as Brett was away again. chatting to so many in message box and then this guy sent me a message soo polite at first but when i said i was looking for a hot cock or cocks his male instinct came out and wasn't long and he was describing himself his brother had two mates who happened to be with them house sitting his parents home in Rynfiled. cut a long story short he agreed to come and fetch me form greenstone but on condition he fucked me first and then decided if i was worthy of his brother and the other two cocks lol.

dont wan to bore with too much detail not much of a writer more a doer lol. he came for me and it was as if a Sean pollack had walked in tall thin a bit ginger slim and he simply took on the role I had asked for, he sat down obvious cock stand in his chino's and i was to work him on my knees i could not believe his cock, uncut, the shaft just kept growing he pushed my head over his cock and made me gag and spit from gagging all i heard was "you are fucking good and then without a further word he stood up literally tore my jeans off me down to my ankles i was pantiless, he turned me around took a condom out his pocket rolled it on and also opened a small sachet of lube and he fucked me in my bum hard strokes wild strokes he came quickly i turned aorund the condom was sagging off his cock filled with his baby juice i rolled it of him he was i think a bit shocked as i let his cum dribble onto my mouth and chin 'yeh you are the bitch we need alright he thanked me for a good bum fuck and then gave me a chance to back out as once in his car he had said i was only being brought home when they had finished. big talk!!! i cleaned up he didn't he jut put his still half hard cock in his pants and we left

not much conversation in the car other than how often did i take dick and swallow loads and how many had i had in a session. he seemed disappointed when said the most guys i had been with once was 6. anyhow he mellowed chatted a bit about his brother who had just finished off a hurtful relationship and the mates were his brothers hockey palls all of them mid twenties other than him at 28. he said they were hot he had fucked pussy with his brother a few times before but the four had never fucked a chick as he called me together. and what was nice is he said he was in charge and if i really felt it was too much after a while he would take me home cum filled and all lol. we both laughed at this. he phoned ahead to let the cocks know i was 5 minutes away and to get ready to fuck the hottest pussy on earth i laughed. and then we were there. i didn't realize how big the gardens and houses were in rynfield had heard of the place but never been to it. the gates were auto the garage was auto and then the fucking was auto i was grabbed in the kitchen by what turned out to be his brother and i was turned around and bent over a kitchen counter my jeans again being yanked off me in a hurry and i then realized that condoms were not going to be in use in full as his brother simply fingered my pussy positioned his needy cock head at the door to my pussy and rammed in with the other two coming though quickly and i got fucked by all four in the kitchen before even getting into the lounge area they took turns shooting their loads across my face and his brother fingered their gooo into my mouth hot bitch!!!!! i heard said and then the afternoon started in earnest.... i dont want to bore too much if anyone wants private detail boy do i have it including me complaining about feeling hungry and one of them finding a spar Christmas pudding that was put in a bowl for me and i happened to say where is the white sauce cant eat Christmas pudding without white sauce.. you guessed it two off the fuckers shot onto the pudding....... and yep in my drunken cock craved totally fucked state i ate some of the pudding sauce and all.....