08 May 2016

Autumn… the time of year when heat and coolness compete with each other to convince you that they are the best contribution for your sensual wellbeing… but then again, why not have best of both…?

Been a few hours of me watching you…watching me…watching you…. The last embers of the braai a faint glow outside.The Jacuzzi bubbling away, enticing everyone to get in. But most rather stick it out at the bar, drink in hand, laughing and joking about how summer is just so much better for Jacuzzi antics.

I fetch something to drink in the kitchen…as I come back you languidly stretch your naked body out in the Jacuzzi. “No use to have a Jacuzzi and not using it…”, you say. I see your cock harden as my eyes take in the picture of you in the tub. Mmm… time to explore – I see my partner nod acknowledgement that he would love to see me play... I go to our room, quickly get undressed, my hand caressing my full breasts, my hands feeling the moistness between my legs as I slip my panty off…an aroused clit gently pulsing under my fingers…

I put the towel around me and walk back to the Jacuzzi. I let it drop to the floor, see your eyes lusting at the site of hard nipples, aroused by the sudden cold without a towel. “Get in…the water is perfect”, you say. I step into the tub, enjoying how with each step the warm water envelopes my body. I sit down and lean back, feel the jets of water caressing my back. I close my eyes.

Not long before hands start exploring my body, cupping my breasts - hard nipples responding to the playful tease of finger and thumb rubbing them together. I feel hands exploring my body further…how the same finger and thumb now gently part my pussy lips…rubbing my clit…

Then your mouth closes over mine – my eyes open slightly to see the lust in your eyes. I feel finger and thumb prying my pussy lips further apart.

Then the sudden shock as the Jacuzzi bubbles is activated under my pussy. Your fingers keeping the lips apart, allowing the bubbles to enter the slit, playing and enticing my clit even more…then a finger slips into my pussy, slowly gliding in and out. My body immediately responds to the sensation of the cold water bubbles competing with the pleasure caused by your finger, my back arching with pleasure…

OMG…I’m getting sooooohorny. Your mouth presses harder onto mine, forcing my lips open, your tongue exploring mine… My hands reach out to explore your cock…finding it hard, pulsing and ready…I start stroking your cock with one hand, cup your balls with the other, caressing them. I feel your cock harden some more… I start spreading my legs wide - anticipating the entry of a hard and ready cock.

But you tease me…gently lifting me higher in the water, I feel the tip of your cock teasing the entry to my pussy…while your thumb and forefinger keeps rubbing my clit…driving me wild. All I can now think of now is a hard and ready cock entering me…thrusting into me.

Then the glorious release as your cock finally thrusts into me… and then the slow movement, in…out….in….out, the water around us lapping in synchronicity…a little faster with each entry…

I am so horny by now that I push your back against the opposite side of the Jacuzzi. I rise out of the warm water to straddle you and your hard and ready cock. My nipples immediately harden again as the cold outside the Jacuzzi hits them…your mouth encloses them one by one, sucking them – while I start lowering myself onto your cock.

I slowly let my pussy slide down your cock, allowing you to enter me all the way - your cock filling my pussy up inside. I lean slightly back and start riding your cock, feeling how its hard tip caresses the g-spot and entry to my pussy… The cold on my back contrast with the burning heat of pussy and cock stroking against each other…an intense heat that increases with each stroke, making my pussy contract some more around your throbbing cock…

Then the stirrings of an orgasm starts rippling through my body… contrast of warm and cold on my body making me more and more sensitive to the sensations I feel. I thrust my pussy harder and harder onto your cock, allowing myself to fall into the orgasm that by now takes over my whole body. I feel your hands on my hips, pushing me down further onto your cock – every little part of my pussy now occupied by a hard, throbbing and ready cock. Your balls caress the entry of my pussy. Then your warm hands slide up my cold back and pull down my shoulders as I feel you thrust with an orgasmic gasp into me. A groan escapes your lips as I feel the warmth of your cum spurt deep inside me, how you shudder as you empty yourself into my pussy with each subsiding stroke.

I remain sitting on top of you. I slowly start coming down to earth, notice my partner are no longer sitting at the bar. I see the time…way past bed time for “good girls”…. I slowly dismount you…smile and mouth a “thank you” – then climb out of the Jacuzzi. I quickly grab the towel and dart off to my bedroom.

I slide into bed naked and still a little bit wet…the warmth of your cum between my legs…. I snuggle against my partner’s back, snaking my arm over his waist to feel a hard, ready and dripping cock between his legs… The thought of his cock entering me so soon after yours already bringing on the next orgasm… “Hey baby, time to take pleasure to the next level…”