Written by RubBash

17 Oct 2013

Hubby and I began the sharing lifestyle only a few months earlier when he asked if i would like to go to a special lunch with him, when i inquired as to what that meant he smiled and said he had a buddy hosting asex party for his wife and we were invited to watch and see if this type of thing interested me. I agreed and all week was a nervous mess until Wednesday arrived and he picked me up, as we drove to the location he told me I must remove my bra, I went along with the command and soon my rack was spilling out of my blouse as he would feel of them with each stop light.

My knees were weak upon arrival and when i walked up to the condo he told me to knock and Geoff appeared, handsome mid forty guy with a shaved head and big muscular arms and a very nice smile, of course he was staring right at my twins as he allowed us in. As soon as we entered i could hear a gal screaming and lots of bed squeaking action, lots of gags, and moans and more panting as you could tell the woman was having the hell fucked out of her. They encouraged me to go have a peek. I did, and when i got to the door i saw an attractive blonde being DP'd, she was sandwiched between two hot young men as they pounded her from each side, covered in sweat as they did their best for her and she had an orgasm..as they paused and then changed position she looked to see me in the door and gave this wicked smile as a third man came from the bathroom and inserted his lengthy cock in her mouth. and the other two began riding her some more. I was shaking in desire.

I turned around to find my husband only to find Geoff and he had hardon and were standing there naked and erect, they motioned me to them, there was a huge ottoman between us. My husband asked if it looked fun. I nodded and said something silly in confirmation, he suggested i remove my blouse, I did, Geoff was in awe, now the skirt, I had worn a garter belt and stockings, as i leaned over to pull the skirt off Geoff presented me with his erection, "Now suck his cock baby" I inhaled it i was so horny...he made a comment to my hunger and began fucking my mouth as my husband knelt and licked my pussy and clity...they moved me atop the ottoman and kept this position for ever...i have to say sucking his cock was enjoyable...it was thick as hell and filled my mouth as i could hear the other woman and one of the men getting off.

As we slurped and sucked I felt a presence, the two young men who had been in the other room were now standing to each side of Geoff, My hubby and Geoff moved to a new arrangement, my husband 69 beneath me, Geoff pushed in and stretched me like never before and the young men shoved their cocks into my mouth, taking turns and talk to each other about me and my big tits and if they would get to fuck me also, Geoff told them not today but to get their balls off in my mouth....as if i wasn't there, i came so hard from this treatment...Geoff fucked me till i was screaming, pounding it repeatedly and not missing a beat, as he came he pulled out and shot a huge load all over my sex and husbands face, the two young studs came in sequence after seeing this and one shot into my mouth, yanking my head onto it and holding it, filling my mouth with hot creamy goo...I washed it around and didn't swallow though and the other guy shot when he said he saw all that cum drool from my mouth as i prepeared for him to insert..it splattered my face in the way in and completed its desired effect in my mouth, his tasted really sweet so i did swallow and he came even more...my hubby wiped his face off and slipped into my loose pussy and mouth me even harder until he filled me with his load. The two young men went back to the other lady and Geoff and hubby swung me around and proceeded to eat me out...I loved it...then Geoff asked for a blow job, I gave it with pleasure as he jetted more shot all over me.

It was all quick and over in less then 45 minutes, yet Ill never forget the never ended, it seemed the best I ever had!