Written by Vampiros

15 Aug 2017

So the sun once again sets on a Friday , and the animals in us start to wake up after a weeks hibernation. Starving and hungry for a victim , we start to get ready for our night out! As usual , no particular destination in mind, just the usual roaming the night in search of victims, we head east and our first stop is a quiet 24hr wimpy for strong black filter coffee.

As we enter, we notice a guy sitting alone at a table fiddling with his cellular phone. He cannot help but notice my countess at my side, her beauty catching every eye of those we pass by (picture can be seen on our profile!). We choose a table a slight distance away from him, but directly in his line of sight. Unbeknownst to the victim, my countess was wearing no underwear and ready to reveal her cleanshaven pussy.

After a few minutes our coffees arrive, and I tell the victim : "There's this intense heat under our table!" As he looks under our table , there she is, legs wide open exposing this ray of beauty at the victim. I could not help but notice his eyes double in size as he could not come to terms with what he was seeing.

Is this real? Am I dreaming? What have I done to deserve this tonight? Those were the expressions his face was telling us.

Time was standing still for this victim of ours. He had left the realm of this world and was already deep Inside my countess , and his imagination was feeding my soul with all the nutrients it was craving for.

I look at my countess, and she signals to me with her dark eyes it's time to leave.

We get to the cashier to pay the bill, and I notice all the staff behind the counter staring at a screen......a surveillance camera with a full view of the table where we were seated, and a lot of smiling faces.

Well, says my countess! This is what we do best! And we left to continue our night in search of another victim.

Our nights out involve way much more than this, but it's what my countess needs to get aroused and ready. Being fucked by the eyes of a total stranger! The victims faces are a mirror to her in which she gets to see a true reflection of her true beauty.

A short glimpse into a night with the vampire couple, that usually ends with the count devouring the countess at midnight on a car bonnet, feeding on her juices in a very dark place with a voyeur or two entering our realm of ecstacy.

Maybe one Friday it's YOU!