Written by Respectvoyeur

03 May 2018

As I walked past the window, my eyes started scanning the room for the slightest movement. Flashbacks from the previous encounter, keeps popping up in my mind...... but the room is empty!

Walking past the building, reality kicks in, another empty evening. On my way back, I stopped and start chatting to one of the security guards. Then in the corner of my eye, I saw the Famous room light appearing in the darkness...... That must have been my quickest " see you later" conversation endings!!

I walked slowly towards the dim light, with my heart starting to race on......

First glance I saw the sexy dark hair beauty, on her knees on top of the bed, facing her mirror. I stopped!!! The sight of her dark long hair hanging down next to her arms and she looking down towards the white linen, instantly got me rock hard!!! Her body were rocking forwards and backwards, with the dim light showing every muscle moving with pleasure. Again time stood still and seconds feels like days.

Then I started to move on, just to make sure who is the man behind this beauty, and yes it was hubby. While my eyes was locked on these two bodies becoming one in passion, she turned her head right towards the window. Instantly our eyes lock together and a sexy smile appears on her face. This picture that got blue printed in my mind, could tell a Billion words....

Hubby then picked up the pace and she felt onto her elbows, as she was about to explode with passion...... Then it was all over. Hubby jumped off the bed, and she laid flat on her stomach, with her sexy round ass glowing in the dim light.

Suddenly the room turned pitch black and only my imagination can tell what is going on in the room. I sat down, just to let my cock relax before somebody think that I am REALLY enjoying my walks!!! As I close my eyes I can clearly see her face, smiling at me. Her nude body twitching of pleasure....

As I walked home I started second guessing myself.... did they really want me to watch, or was this just the second time lucky shot??

After a week or two of no-shows, I started thinking again.... maybe I was just lucky. Then, on my way back home from the beach, I was greeted with the view of hubby standing nude in the middle of the fully lit up room.... Hello, was my first thought!

I slowly moved to my favourite spot and as I turned around, he disappeared....

After staring at the room for a minute or two, I suddenly caught the sexy lady, in the backdrop of the dark bathroom, starring at me! I made a few small moves, to try and see better into the dark bathroom, trying to keep our eyes locked in. Yes, she is watching me now!!! Adrenaline starts rushing through my head, and I knew this was it.... it's time that I show them something sexy!!!

But how... I have so many rooms facing me, with the possibility of getting caught extremely high!!!

Then I thought to myself, this is what I live for.... Naughty Public Sexy moments!!! The rush of getting caught or who else is watching.....

I got it, I will pretend to take a leak in the Bush, stand wanking myself for a few seconds, and then SLOWLY turnaround while SLOWLY Squeeze my cock back into my shorts.

As I walked closer to the bush, I turnaround just to make sure she can still see me. And yes.... she can. She has now moved closer to the bed, just to get a better view.

I was staring to shake of the excitement and it made wanking a bit easy ???? while standing with my back towards the room.

My hand was sliding easy up and down my cock, as I was wet like hell.

Slowly I turned around and saw her face lit up as I expose my rock hard shinning cock for the first time.

While keeping one eye on her and another on all the dark Windows, I slowly started to move my hand up and down my wet cock. She then moved her one hand to her exposed breast and one downstairs to her wet spot. Then I though.... now or never, and I pulled my short down to just above my knees.... exposing more than what I can explain to not get arrested.

The night air rushing over my dim lit cock while slowly stroking it, drove me insane!!!

Then suddenly hubby appears from nowhere.... bend her forward onto the bed, and moved in behind her. All this while she was still staring at me, stroking myself.... she then opened her legs while kneeling on the bed, and he moved inbetween her legs!

Again.... All 3 of us having an unbelievable experience.... While meters apart. Not for one second did we break eye contact, till we all cum to an EXPLOSIVE end!!!!!!!

Guess where I'll be Tonight........