Written by Respectvoyeur

01 May 2018

Out of nowhere she got up from her side of the bed, walking towards the door. Her Nude Body lines catching every bit of the dim light..... My first thought was "damn, she's going to switch off the light" and I started to mentally prepare myself for the disappointment!!!

Suddenly she appear right in front of the window, walking along hubby's side of the bed!!! I was Shocked and started to shiver...... I just witnessed Heavenly Beauty walking past the window..... Nude!!! Next thing she pulled the sheet off hubby and position her knees onto the side of the bed. Then with a Sexy little jump, she got up on her knees next to him. And then...... Time Came to a sudden Stop!!! She took hubby's cock in her hand, and bend down..... Starting to suck him dry!!! I had the PERFECT view of the most Sexy Ass I have seen, dimly lit up with the shadow just closing off her Sweet Lips.

My hands started to shake and the adrenaline was pumping like mad. My cock so hard with pre-cum already clinging to my shorts.

He took his hands and gently placed it on her head, guiding every pleasure movement to inch perfect. After about what felt like enternity...... She lift her head up and gave him that "fuck me please" look.

Liked a well rehearsed team, she moved on her knees facing the window and he moving in behind her. He looked up and guided his cock into her..... Both faces glowing with pleasure!!!

Then Suddenly........ She smiled at me!!! Damn.... they are looking at me, staring at them. Our eyes was all locked in their own threesome, enjoying ever millisecond. Our minds feeling each other, as if we were right next to each other!!!

Suddenly hubby fell backward, after blowing his load into her sexy dim lit ass. She just kept her doggystyle possition, as he got off the bed. Then she gave me a Sexy " did you like" smile, and slowly moved off the bed. They both disappear into the dark bathroom and jumped nude back into the bed.

I did not know what to think, as I just witness the most private moments of two sexy people, allowing me to form part of the excitement.......

But this was just the beginning.....

After thinking that I had my lucky moment, I never expected for it to happen again! It's a Sunday night and was surprised to see the well light room with blinds wide open.....

To be continued (sorry ????X2)