Written by Respectvoyeur

01 May 2018

It all started a view months ago......

I was out on my regular night walks, when I noticed the brightly lit up bedroom window. Then I notice a guy walking in the nude, past the window. My first reaction was " brave guy" and stopped staring at the window. Then I saw her..... Long dark hair all Sexy wrapped-up in a soft white night gown. She stood in front of the window facing her mirror, as she start to remove her makeup. Just the sight of her leaning forward towards the mirror, wrapped in white, in this light box made my heart beat faster.

When done she turned around and just like in those movies..... She dropped the gown, showing off her Heavenly body while walking away from the window, to Her side of the bed. Hubby walk nude past the Window again and jumped into his side of the bed. As I stood there frozen from what I just witnessed, the light disappear into the rest of the dark building.

From then on, every time I walked past the building, my head outomaticlly start to turn glancing at the window. Then one evening a few days after the first view, I saw the brightly lit up room again. This time the sliding door was open, and the couple were busy settling down for the night. She was taking off her make up again and he was busy fiddling with the linen, that was when she saw me staring at her standing in front of the mirror. She mention something to him, and he looked towards me.

Not knowing if I stepped out of line, I walked to a darker corner and turned around. By then they were both in bed, but with the bedside lamp still on. I could see some moving in the bed and moved to a better spot, were I have full view of their bed. Then it all happened........

To be continue (Sorry ????)