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27 Apr 2015



6 minute read

ROADTRIP We were on our 5th Wedding anniversary to Etosha Game Reserve in Namibia. We had a lovely time, but being in a tent all weekend and our neighbours being right next to us, fun times were limited. We did get to touch and fondle, but didn’t get any time for real full on sex, seeing that we both are a bit loud. Needless to say, I have been urging and longing for my wife’s velvet pussy the whole weekend. While we were driving back to Windhoek, she was sleeping on my lap. I couldn’t help noticing her summer dress pulled up onto her ass, while se was lying stretched out over the front seat. Me being the gentleman that I am, I covered her ass with my hand, just incase anyone could view into the window at 120 km/h. On the passenger side … Her smooth skin felt so good. Before long, my hand was running over the back of her leg, touching her skin gently. I noticed that she must have half awaken, cause she was lying with a smile and closed eyes still on my lap. Running my nails softly over her leg, I slowly worked her dress further up over her ass. Revealing her white panties. At this stage my concentration on the road was like that of a bat during sunrise. Not much at all. But the idea of touching my wife’s ass, while driving on a national road, really turned me on. She must have noticed it too, seeing that my cock began to stiffen underneath her head. Her smile became even bigger and she slipped her hand up the lose baggy shorts I was wearing. At this stage is was really focused on the beautiful surroundings along the highway … She ran her fingers up and down my thighs. Slowly pulling her panties sides together, I made a thong out of it and pulled it in between her bum cheeks. Pulling it tightly over her pussy. At that moment she moaned softly and cupped my balls through my boxer and gave it a good squeeze. For a moment the car accelerated as the blood from my brain went in all directions, reaching my right foot as well. I pulled her panties even deeper into her pussy. She started massaging my balls and I whispered: “Don’t stop baby…” The whole weekend’s holding out, waiting, wanting, must have gotten the better of us. And before the car’s speed normalized back to the speed limit, we were touching and stroking each other with intension. She have slipped her hand up my boxers and was stroking my already rock hard cock with some long hard strokes. I have pulled her panties to the side and was running my fingers up and down her pussy. She was so wet And warm. It felt amazing. I so wanted to let the steering wheel go and fondle with her nipples as well, but somewhere one brain cell told me to keep on driving. As I slipped a finger into her velvet pussy, she turned her head towards my pants. She pulled it up and popped my cock out at the bottom, now stroking it really hard. My cock must have precummed immediately when she flicked the tip with her tongue. And as I look down, I notice her mouth slipping over my erection. My eye also caught the speedometer and I couldn’t believe I was driving so fast. Somewhere I must have put my foot down again, because we where going at 150 km/h. With, what felt like the same speed, I was fingering her pussy. Wanting her to moan over my cock and wet my fingers with her sweet juices. At that moment I realized that I wanted more than just getting head while driving. I wanted to make love to my sweet lovely wife! Not far ahead I noticed a turn off that let down the embankment to a small bridge underneath the road. How that fantastic plan got through to my brain, I don’t know, but in seconds I braked and turned off down the small road. She was so busy sucking my cock; she didn’t even notice me turning off the road. About 6 meters under the road, I parked under the small bridge. We knew that we could be caught here, but that just seemed to make us even more horny. The car didn’t even get to stop properly before we where out of our clothes and kissing and fondling each other on the front seat. The gearlever and handbrake didn’t even faze us, the pain was just adding to the excitement. Now I finally got to suck her nipples, my hands gripping on her ass and my tongue flicking all over her skin. Her nipples was so hard, I can still feel that fantastic sensation on my tongue. I was lying over the front seat with her legs over me. Her pussy grinding all over my cock, wetting it with her juices. Normally I should steer my cock into her, but by now she was so psyched up for me, that she couldn’t wait for my hand to find my cock. She grabbed it by the base and pushed it into her pussy with one go. My cock slipped into her all the way. We both groaned out loud. Her one hand was gripping the steering while and the other was grabbing my hair. Her ass grinding and bouncing up and down as she really fucked my cock with all she had. Moaning and speaking all at once. “Fuck me harder!” I want your cock! That turned me on so much, because she has never used dirty language before. I groaned and grabbed her tits. Pushing them together and reaching up with my head to bite her nipples. She pulled my head into her breasts. I sucked And slurped! My cock driving deep into her with each stroke. Cum in me! She yelled. Taking my hands, she placed it over her ass, so I can reach her pussy and asshole. I pushed a finger into each hole. One with my cock and one into her arse. She was going crazy, like never before. Grinding her clit on my cock Bouncing up and down. With one big scream her whole body stiffened as she cummed over my cock. At that moment my floodgates opened and I bit on my lower lip as I squirted my warm cum deep into her pussy. Filling her. And pulling her head into my shoulder. We both where panting, as my whole body spasmed to push out the last drop of cum into her. We were lying in each others arms, sweating, smiling. “It was worth the wait,” she said laughing with delight. “Hell, it was!” I said. It took a good 5 minutes before we remembered where we were. The rest of the road to Windhoek flew past and we couldn’t stop giggling and smiling. I think it is time for a roadtrip again…

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